Yangpu 0-Tariff raw & aux. materials imports = $5.7 Bln. by Apr.

By / HICN / Updated: 17:59,26-May-2022

Aerial photo taken on Dec. 5, 2021 shows the sunrise scenery of the Yangpu international container harbor at Yangpu economic development zone in south China's Hainan Province. Photo by PU XIAOXU, XINHUA.

According to Haikou Customs, as of April 30, 2022, 554 lots of Zero Tariff raw and auxiliary materials worth 570 million USD were imported into Yangpu, and the taxes saved by the import corporations amounted to 510 million RMB (almost about 75.67 million USD). Forty-one corporations qualified for Zero Tariffs on transportation and yachts, importing 39 yachts and other vehicles, and saving 680 million RMB (almost about 100.9 million USD) in taxes. Eleven corporations qualified to enjoy Zero Tariffs on importing production equipment for internal use, importing 133 items and saving 140 million RMB (almost about 20.77 million USD) in taxes.

By the end of April 2022, a total of 16 enterprises have successfully qualified, and the cumulative value of processing value-added domestic sales has reached 153 million RMB (almost about 22.7 million USD), with 120 million RMB in savings.

In 2021, Yangpu’s domestic and international trade in goods import and export container throughput increased by 24.1% year-on-year, ranking first in China’s seaports that handle 1 million TEUs for two consecutive years. From January to April of 2022, the cargo value managed by Yangpu port increased by 71.9%, the number of ships managed increased by 18.7%, and the amount of containers managed by port authorities increased by 8.7%.

In the first quarter of 2022 (January-April), product imports and exports in Danzhou, Hainan were valued at 18.52 billion RMB (almost about 2.75 billion USD), an increase of 89.7% over the same period last year, and accounting for 42.6% of the province’s total.

In the future, Yangpu Customs will continue to strengthen reform and innovation, move plans forward, and raise the level of the Free Trade Port as it adapts to the customs supervision model. They hope to perform well in the pressure test of high-level opening-up in order to expand the effects of policy implementation.



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