Capturing the beauty of Begonia Bay

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What word comes to your mind when you think of Begonia (Haitang) Bay in Sanya? Is it the warmth of the tropical island, the opulence of 5 star hotels, or the romance of sitting on the beach and watching the sun rise and set over the ocean? Today, let's check out some of the many different faces of Begonia Bay.

Begonia Bay: Romance is in the air

The sunset over Begonia Bay is one of the most romantic views in the city of Sanya. The sea is washed in a golden light when the sun sets, making this the perfect time to walk across the wooden bridge onto the overgrown, jungle-like coconut island. Here you can enjoy the original natural scenery of Hainan, and follow in the footprints of the islanders of old.

The coast traces the outline of the form of mother earth, with modern buildings sprouting up like new species of trees and flowering branches. This urban forest creates an aesthetic jungle made up of hotels, shops, and restaurants, each with its own unique style, telling the story of today’s Begonia Bay.

Get an overview of Begonia Bay at night from the top of the 88-meter-high Sanya Eye Ferris Wheel. Bask in the gentle breeze, watching the dazzling lights and shadows as you slowly rise to the highest point, giving you a breathtaking view across Begonia Bay.

Begonia Bay: Filled with passion and excitement

Wuzhizhou Island sits like a huge jewel in the middle of the sea. The island’s amazing variety of water sports and entertainment options offer thrills, excitement, and fun for all.

Go parachuting at 4,000 meters, which will give you 40-50 seconds of thrilling free fall, or go to ride the wind and waves, and feel the excitement of conquering the sea. Begonia Bay welcomes all who come with enthusiasm and high energy, making you feel truly alive.

In Haifeng Village, take the wheel of an ATV for an off-road adventure through the wilds of Begonia Bay. Set of from the camp, surrounded by palm groves, and explore the area’s beaches, gullies, mud pits, inland rivers, and the untouched natural landscape of Coconut Island. There are new surprises around every bend in the trail!

Begonia Bay: The hottest fashions

Taking a birds-eye-view of Sanya International Duty-Free City, you can see how it resembles an enormous butterfly flitting along the blue coastline of Begonia Bay. This is a great spot for shopping, taking photos, and discovering the latest fashion trends. With the ISY International Music Festival, the Hainan International Film Festival, and more great events popping up regularly, Begonia Bay is blossoming in a completely unique, tropical style.

Begonia Bay: Vivid hues

Take it easy and head down to the local favorite Laoba Tea Restaurant - Hainan style brunch cafe, then go to Shengchang Market to check out the hustle and bustle of market day, and see how the people of Begonia Bay live their lives from day to day in this beautiful place.

The scrumptious cuisine of Begonia Bay has developed over many years, with many dishes that you are sure to crave long after your trip to Hainan is over. Wander through the streets and alleys of Begonia Bay, and be sure to try everything, from breakfast all the way through to midnight snacks at the night market.

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