Hainan: Promoting Economic and Social Development by Eco-friendly Ways

By / SSTV / Updated: 09:37,20-May-2022

In recent years, Hainan has actively explored the transformation of "clear waters and green mountains” into "mountains of gold and silver”and included carbon peak and neutrality goals into the overall layout of economic and social development. Hainan is establishing and improving the ecological product value-realization mechanism and the green and low-carbon circular economic development system.

Promoting Ecological Industrialization and Industrial Ecologicalization

Hainan is accelerating ecological industrialization and industrial ecologicalization, building a safe, green, intensive and efficient low-carbon clean energy system in production, distribution and consumption. By building a clean energy island and constantly optimizing the energy structure, the proportion of clean energy in Hainan has been increasing.

Liu Jizhen, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering said, "Hainan has huge reserves innew energy, such as offshore wind power. In recent years, Hainan has also developed nuclear power. I think we should actively promote the construction of a clean energy island in Hainan."

Hainan not only vigorously develops the biodegradable plastic product industryand promotes the extension of the industrial chain of degradable materials, but also continuously improves the mechanism formarine plastic pollution control and activelyencouragesthe public,such as fishermen, to participate in the marine plastic pollution control system.

Chen Junfeng, the Engineer of Hainan Environmental SciencesResearch Institute expressed, "We want to call on the government, social groups, fishermen and enterprises to participate in the marine waste management system, and also promote Hainan's experience to the international community, contributing wisdom in marine waste management."

Making Full Use of Advantages for "DualCarbon" Goals

Developing blue carbon is one of the important stepsfor the construction of ecological civilization in Hainan. Nowadays, Hainan has the conditions for the comprehensive development of blue carbon; and its blue carbon resources and potential hold an important position in China. The International Blue Carbon Research Center in Hainan is actively engaged in theoretical research on carbon sink of coral reefs, fisheries and microorganisms in open waters. The blue carbon research and observation stations and networks have been constructed, as well as a comprehensive blue carbon management platform.

Xing Qiao, the President of Hainan Environmental Sciences Research Institute noted, "The development of the blue carbon industry is conductive to fostering new drivers of ablue economy; it can promote the international carbon trading market and facilitate the comprehensive development of global carbon neutrality."



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