Longshouyang Rural Park: flowers, flowers everywhere

By Li Xiang / HICN / Updated: 15:18,13-March-2022

Located in Jiaji Town, on the east coast of China’s Hainan Island, Longshouyang Rural Park has become a model of rural revitalization in the tropical province in recent years. This has been done mainly by transforming and upgrading the original farmland in the village. Now the park is not only a happy home for local residents, but also a holiday destination for urban travelers who wish to experience the country lifestyle.

Tours in the 40,000 hectare-large park are available by shuttle, bicycle, or mini-train. Here are some great places to stop and take a look around:


A Sea of Flowers

This over 60 hectare-large sea of flowers featuring Cosmos, Common Zinnia, Sunflowers, Spiderflowers, and Globe Amaranth Flowers is one of the major scenic attractions at the park. This is the perfect setting for holding hands with your beloved and for wedding photography. Different flowers grow in each of the four seasons, so you can enjoy different views each time you visit.



The Orchid Museum

This air-conditioned museum is divided into several sections, each with a different theme, such as traditional Chinese Zither, chess, calligraphy, painting, and more. Here you will see hundreds of valuable and elegant flowering plants including Butterfly Orchids, Vanda Orchids, and Dancing-Doll Orchids on display with other ornamental plants.

The Lotus Flower Pond

In addition, the park has a more than 100 hectare-large lotus flower cultivation area. The flowers grow in multiple colors: gold, yellow, purple, blue, red, brown, green, and white, with each carrying a distinct aroma. Products made from the flowers, such as lotus tea and lotus essential oil, can also be found in the park.


Flower Gallery

This is where you can learn more about the flowers at the park, as well as how to process and arrange them into an art piece with the assistance of the park’s floral design specialists. Get your hands dirty and bring home something pretty to remember your beautiful day in the park!

Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Strawberries, cherry tomatoes, guava, passion fruit, wax apples, Qiongzhong Green Oranges, and other organic fruits and vegetables can be found in the park.


Vanilla Feifei Flower Restaurant

The restaurant is decorated in a pastoral style, with flowers everywhere to enjoy, as its name suggests. A wide range of choices including western fast food, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and Hainan cuisine is all on offer here.

Dragon Boat Plaza

Wenchang specialty cuisine is the theme here, and you can enjoy roast pig (the signature dish) and other local Hainan fare at this location.


Longshouyang Guesthouse

The guest rooms here maintain a simple, fresh rural style, with rustic wooden furniture and decorations. Here is the best part—you can have a whole courtyard to yourself!

(Photos courtesy of www.longshouyang.com)

Park Information

Hours: 08:30 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.

Entrance cost: free

Location: Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province

Tel.: 0898-62901848 15927375890



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