Changes in Jiangdong④:Project construction in full swing

By / HICN / Updated: 21:31,20-January-2022

Since the beginning of this year, the Haikou Jiangdong New Area has made great efforts to promote the construction of major high-quality, high-efficiency projects, and the development and construction of the park have accelerated significantly.

From January to November, 66 new projects were started and 36 have been completed. The Jiangdong New Area Enterprise Port, the one-stop aircraft maintenance base, and the SF Hainan International Fresh Port were two of the completed projects. The main structures of 8 projects including the Jiangdong International Energy Centre, the Haikou Financial Centre, the Datang Headquarters Project, and the Jiangdong Huandao Experimental School have been completed.

Rendering of the Jiangdong International Energy Centre project

The Jiangdong International Energy Centre project is a three-star “green building” designed by master architect Yao Renxi from the KRIS YAO | ARTECH. the project covers an area of 11,296 square metres. The building has a total height of 80 metres with 17 above ground and 2 underground floors which will mostly be used for office and commercial purposes as a comprehensive trading platform for energy companies.

The Haikou Financial Centre

Rendering of the Haikou Financial Centre

The Haikou Financial Centre by master architect Zhou Kai from Tianjin covers an area of 20,053 square metres, and will offer above ground office spaces and subterranean car parks. The project consists of six individual buildings with either 4, 5, or 12 floors, and is unique in that the buildings are prefabricated. The project is divided into areas A and B, with a maximum building height of 60 metres.

The SDIC Ecological Environment Building

Rendering of the SDIC Ecological Environment Building

The SDIC Ecological Environment Building covers an area of 11,933 square metres, with a building height of 30 metres. The project is positioned as a headquarters building in the Haikou Jiangdong New Area, and the total investment in the project is 630 million yuan. Keeping in line with the JDNA zero carbon, new city model, the design of the building is unique, with 50% of the roof area being covered in photovoltaic panels.

Other major projects in the Haikou Jiangdong New Area

 Harrow School, Haikou

The area hosts a number of international service facilities such as the British Harrow School, as well as the affiliated school of Beijing Normal University, Huandao School, and Guilin Yang University City.

The campuses of colleges and universities are located within comprehensive functional areas that include the consulate area, an international consumption boutique exhibition centre, and an urban cultural exhibition area, which have been built to stimulate the vitality of urban development.

Headquarters CBD of Jiangdong New Area has a planned area of 1.79 square kilometres, creating a world leading fourth-generation ecological CBD.

The JDNA is creating a zero-carbon, new city where people and nature coexist

Ecological Advantages of the Headquarters Economic Zone

The Jiangdong New Area is creating a world leading ecological CBD in the headquarters economic cluster area, building a pioneering, zero-carbon new city where people and nature "coexist, integrate and share".

1. Narrow roads and a dense network. The above-ground planning adopts a narrow road and dense network structure to create a multi-component complex block with pedestrian traffic as the mainstay. JDNA strictly controls the architectural style of the area, placing landmark buildings in the core area, and maintaining a limit on the overall building height.

2. Development of underground space. For the contiguous comprehensive development of underground space, JDNA relies on rail transit stations to form three-dimensional complex, interconnected, vibrant underground blocks, forming an intensive spatial pattern with shared facilities and smooth connection between core areas.

3. JDNA emphasizes ecological security by strictly controlling the 200-meter coastline setback space, setting up the Furong River and Daomeng River Wetland Parks on the east and west sides, and introducing wetlands into the city to form a flood and tide safety protection circle around the ecological CBD.

4. JDNA is building a zero-carbon new city by promoting regional central cooling projects to reduce overall energy consumption. Through a series of planning and implementation measures, JDNA is developing the area into a zero-carbon new city demonstration zone.



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