“Joyous Winter” Cultural Tourism Season Opens in Changjiang

By Marian Rosenberg / hicn.cn / Updated: 17:37,30-December-2021

On December 27, at the press conference of the 2021-2022 “Joyous Winter” Cultural Tourism Season in Haikou, it is learned that Changjiang Li Autonomous County on the west side of the Hainan island will play host to a special series of eight cultural tourism activities between December 2021 and March 2022.

As one of the first batch of 12 cities and counties in the province to be established as a domestic tourism demonstration zone, Changjiang's unique tourism resources serve to perfectly embody all of Hainan Island's essential features. Matching the four seasons, the four shining jewels in Changjiang’s crown are "viewing the kapok blossoms in the spring”, “the scent of ripe mangoes in the summer”, “the stark beauty of Qizi Bay in the autumn”, and “hiking up Bawang Ridge in the winter".

Serving a sumptuous feast for citizens and tourists alike, all eight of the county’s planned activities will encompass a broad variety of content ranging from sightseeing to leisure, fun and games to cultural activities.

1. 2022 Hainan (Changjiang) Youth Research and Learning Mountain Camp

Designed to provide entertaining and educational activities for children and their parents, this family friendly series of events includes both a “Secrets of the Rainforest Nature Exploration Camp” at Bawang Ridge and a Countryside Flower Viewing Camp during kapok blooming season.

2. 2022 Hainan Changjiang Kapok Music Festival

Taking place 15 days after the Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival is traditionally the last big event of the holiday season. Welcome spring together with the people of Changjiang with song, dance, and the fiery red blossoms of the island's kapok trees.

3. 2022 Hainan Changjiang Spring Appreciation Kapok • Beautiful Country Life Festival

Starting as soon as the beautiful red kapok begins to bloom (usually around the end of February) and continuing through til mid-March, festival locations include the Kapok Viewing Platform at Qicha Town, the Kapok Viewing Platform at Pai’an Village, Chahe Town, the Baoshan Village Terraced Fields, and the Juyuan and Fenghua  Flower Seas  and will include interactive performances (such as folk song duets, folk bands, bamboo dancing) as well as kapok themed pop-up shops providing tourists with cultural and creative souvenirs alongside Changjiang's characteristic agricultural products.

4. The 8th "Changhua Riverside Red Kapok" National Photography Contest

Soliciting works by photographers from all over China, the contest’s focal theme is the scenery of Changjiang County’s Bawang Ridge, the stunning beauty of the blossoming red kapok flower, and the results of the construction of the Lihua Village, Wangxia Township.

5. 2021-2022 Changjiang “Joyous Winter” Online Activities

Starting in December 2021 and continuing through till February 2022, this musical extravaganza will collect the sounds of the tropical rainforest’s flora and fauna, and along with digital music will produce an album named "Hear the Rainforest ·See the Rainforest" for the Bawang Ridge section of the Hainan National Rainforest Park.

6. “Wangxia Township: Beautiful Countryside” Press Junket

This non-public event will invite prominent influencers and representatives of media outlets from around China to visit Changjiang and report to their followers on the amazing developments (in terms of rural revitalization and eco-friendly sustainable tourism) taking place in Wangxia Township at the foot of Bawang Ridge. Showcasing the results of Hainan’s rural revitalization work, it will use the region's characteristic features as a focal point for sharing the strength, fortune, beauty, sense of gain, and sense of contentment of the ordinary people of Wangxia Township.

7. Wangxia Township “Joyous Winter” Boutique Bed & Breakfast Promotional Activity

In order to promote the unique homestays, guesthouses, and Bed & Breakfasts in Changjiang, influencers from prominent micro-video platforms such as Douyin will be invited to experience the region.

8. Changjiang Jade Public Cultural Activity

As a way to let the general public and visitors experience the cultural charm of Changjiang, activities such as the "Three Treasures of Changjiang" exhibition, the “Changjiang Jade Show”, and a"Painting and Calligraphy Sale" will be held on the Changjiang Jade Culture Street.



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