Voices of Hainan Tropical Forest: Discover Insects and Freshwater Jellyfish

By / SSTV / Updated: 12:57,04-December-2021

Every year from March to September, there is more rain in the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park. After the precipitation, the rainforest researchers always go into the mountain for a biodiversity survey. This time, Wang Hesheng is responsible for studying the insects.

“At dusk, if you put up a white cloth and hang a high-pressure lamp in front of it - generally, we use a 150-watt lamp, many kinds of insects will be attracted to come,” said Wang Hesheng.

Under the lamplight, the white cloth is covered with all kinds of common insects. Wang Hesheng collected one of each kind. He had to rush to the laboratory overnight to make insect specimens.

Wang Hesheng explained that the insect specimens would be exhibited at schools and other places to educate people what common insects could be found around the reserve and how to protect them.

In addition to catching common insects, Wang Hesheng also has other important work. Early the next morning, he went to the stream near Fanyang conservation station with several forest rangers to conduct research on freshwater jellyfish.

“In 2008, we conducted a survey in the tributary of Changhua River and learned that jellyfish have always existed there, but no scientific workers have ever found or reported on them,” said Wang Hesheng.

So far, in Hainan freshwater jellyfish have only been found on Yinggeling Mountain. Freshwater jellyfish have particularly high requirements for water quality, which means that the water on the mountain has not been polluted yet.

Freshwater jellyfish usually live under water, so if they want to observe the animal, they would take a big stone to stir the water, and jellyfish will float to the water surface.

This biodiversity survey is only a part of the scientific research and conservation of Yinggeling Mountain. There are many unknown things waiting for researchers to discover and explore in this mysterious tropical jungle.



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