Railway Museum displays 130+ years of Hainan’s railway history

By Chen Shumin / HICN / Updated: 23:01,11-December-2021

Located in Basuo Town, Dongfang City, the Hainan Railway Museum is the largest and most informative railway museum in south China's Hainan Province, recording over 130 years of the island's railway industry.

Historic objects displayed in the museum. YAO HAO

Built on the site of the Hainan Railway Corporation and completed in 2008, the museum covers a total area of 10,000 square meters, including an exhibition area of 2,000 square meters. With indoor and outdoor exhibits, this museum displays a large number of historical documents and the locomotives that used to run on Hainan’s rails.

One of the eye-catching outdoor displays in the museum, the 30-meter long steam locomotive "6499" was manufactured in Shanxi Province in 1986 and was the last steam locomotive to operate in Hainan. Its retirement in May 2003 marked the official end of the steam era of the Hainan railway.

The steam locomotive "6499" is an outdoor display at the Hainan Railway Museum. CGTN

Another locomotive featured in the museum is the ND2 diesel locomotive which was produced in 1984 and imported from Romania. As one of the first mainline diesel locomotives in Hainan, it witnessed the beginning of the diesel era of the Hainan railway.

One of the first mainline diesel locomotives on the Hainan railway. YAO HAO

One of the first mainline diesel locomotives on the Hainan railway. YAO HAO

Of the three halls in the museum, Hall No. 1 is the most special and has the most historical significance. It was originally the headquarters for the invading Japanese troops during the Second World War, and signs of the Japanese invasion have been preserved to document the island’s history.

Though Hainan has seen significant achievements in the round-island high-speed railway in recent years, the historic objects displayed in the halls of the museum, including typewriters, signal flags & lights, steam locomotive air horns, rail gauges, and more, show the hard work of rail workers throughout the long history of the railway in Hainan. 

Historic objects displayed in the museum. YAO HAO



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