Discover the Bawangling Leopard Gecko on Yinggeling Mountain

By / SSTV / Updated: 10:21,02-December-2021

Liao Changle graduated from the Central South University of Forestry and Technology with a major of wildlife protection and utilization. In 2010, he came to the Yinggeling Nature Reserve with his team to carry out research on amphibians and reptiles. Now, they are looking for a rare species called the Bawangling Leopard Gecko.

Liao Changle introduced that it was first discovered on Bawangling Mountain, and hence named the Bawangling Leopard Gecko. It is distributed only in Hainan. They also discovered it on Yinggeling Mountain in addition to Bawangling Mountain. Its population is very small.

Yinggeling Mountain is an important distribution area for the Bawangling Leopard Gecko. It mainly lives among gravel, hides in stone cracks, and feeds on some insects such as grasshoppers and crickets. It is very cautious and afraid of people, so it is difficult to find them.

In order to safely capture the leopard gecko, the team members put the bait at the entrance of the stone cave, but it didn't seem to be tempted.

“When it is in the wild, if there is human interference, the leopard geckos will hide and be very cautious. They usually won’t eat the food we try to feed it,” Liao Changle said.

It was getting dark, Liao Changle removed the stone at the entrance of the cave where the leopard gecko was hiding. The other two members blocked its escape route and cautiously captured it. They decided to take it back to the laboratory to further understand its health conditions and for better conservation in the future. After the health check, it will be returned to the wild where it was found.



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