Birds spotted over Sanjiang Bay wetlands in Haikou

By Chen Shumin, Wang Pinzhao / HICN / Updated: 22:28,20-November-2021

As winter's icy breath falls upon the mainland, the "snowbirds" escaping south to China's tropical island Hainan include actual birds. Recently, in part because of ecological rehabilitation work and rewilding efforts that have taken place in the provincial capital Haikou, the mangrove forests of Sanjiang Bay played host to a beautiful flock of snowy white egrets.

Expanding wetlands and improved habitat are among the many benefits brought about by the ecological rehabilitation project implemented at Sanjiang Bay these past few years. As a result, great numbers of migratory birds are coming annually from November to March.

Snowbirds enjoying Hainan's blue skies and green palm trees. WANG PINZHAO

Snowbirds enjoying Hainan's blue skies and green palm trees. WANG PINZHAO


Other than the aforementioned egrets, a group of Crested Myna (also known as Chinese starlings) have been seen foraging behind tractors preparing the rice paddies for the next crop.

Foraging starlings create a harmonious scene of Man and Nature. WANG PINZHAO



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