Hainan Opera songs about Haikou food

By Wu Ruolin / HICN / Updated: 10:43,19-November-2021

In order to promote China's excellent traditional culture, to create a distinctive cultural brand, to enrich the cultural life of the masses, to effectively promote the prosperous development of our province's folk culture and art, to hold activities which inspire the masses to innovate and create, to better integrate the best parts of folk culture and art into society and people's daily lives, and to make even greater contributions to the development of Hainan as a Free Trade Port— the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province has been carrying out“Hainan's Folk Culture Art Season”in October and November of this year.

Among the activities done in the name of Art Season, a series of video creation and promotion activities will be carried out in conjunction with the "2021-2023 Hainan Folk Culture Home of the Arts". Various musical projects and operas with distinctive Hainanese characteristics will be chosen according to their local flavor and cultural background. After the work of content creation is done, they will be presented as short videos which tell local stories about local culture, and which build upon the work of the "Hainan Folk Culture Home of the Arts" series to perform in-depth exploration and interpretation of the traditional Chinese virtues and values contained in folk culture and art.

Hainan people always go to drink Old Dad's Tea no matter what. Sharing a cup of tea and a plate of snacks, chatting about life and enjoying relaxing days and nights, that's the unique way of life of the Hainan people. Click on the video to enjoy Hainan Opera songs about Haikou food. 



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