Ten photos from across China: Nov 5 – Nov 11

By / China Daily / Updated: 15:50,16-November-2021

A pigeon perches on a post at the Palace Museum in Beijing on Nov 7, 2021. [Photo/IC]

Folk artists perform Chun'an Bamboo Horse, a theatrical dance that uses horse-shaped props, in a wetland in Chun'an, Zhejiang province, on Nov 7. The wetland, filled with blossoming reeds and rush grass, is popular with tourists at this time of year. WANG JIANCAI/FOR CHINA DAILY

A conjunction of the moon and Venus is captured in a photograph taken in Beijing on Nov 8. Astronomy enthusiasts tried to capture the moment as the angular distance-the visual distance between the two bodies on the celestial sphere-was relatively small. SHEN SHI/FOR CHINA DAILY

People mourn the recent deaths of three survivors of the Nanjing Massacre at a memorial hall in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Nov 5. Following the deaths of Huang Liushi, Fu Zhaozeng and Ma Xiuying, the number of registered survivors of the massacre now stands at 61. YANG BO/CHINA NEWS SERVICE

Students participate in a firefighting drill at a primary school in Handan, Hebei province, on Nov 8. The event was held to improve the children's awareness of fire safety and was part of nationwide activities marking China's National Firefighting Day, which fell on Tuesday. LI HAO/FOR CHINA DAILY

A maintenance worker, hoisted by a crane, clears trees growing on the walls of an ancient pagoda in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, on Nov 9. The tower, 23 meters high, is nearly 600 years old. ZHANG JIE/FOR CHINA DAILY

A rescue dog of a fire brigade in Nanchang, East China's Jiangxi province, undergoes training, including jumping through flaming hoops and crossing barriers on Nov 9. [Photo/IC]

Four baby swans are seen swimming on a lake in Jize county, Handan city, North China's Hebei province, on Nov 9. [Photo/IC]

A boy jumps from a "bridge" alongside a goat during a sports game at a kindergarten in Xinyu, Jiangxi province, on Nov 9. Children had fun with animals raised by the kindergarten while learning about getting along with them. ZHAO CHUNLIANG/FOR CHINA DAILY

Birds eat the fruit in a tree in Ditan Park in Beijing on Nov 9. [Photo/IC]



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