The Hainan Island rainforest, where all creatures sing with joy

By Ding Xin / / Updated: 17:37,13-October-2021

Dacrydium Pierrei Hickel

Dacrydium Pierrei Hickel is mainly found in the mountains south of central Hainan, as well as in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Its leaves are beautiful and can be used for ornamental purposes.

Doritis pulcherrima Lindl.

Doritis Pulcherrima Lindl. is a species of orchid that grows in dense forests or thickets and is commonly found on rocks covered with soil.


The genus Cycad originated from the Late Carboniferous period more than 300 million years ago and is the oldest surviving seed plant, a "living fossil" on the verge of extinction.

Williamson's Dendrobium

Dendrobium Williamsonii is a species of orchid commonly known as Williamson's Dendrobium. It lives on tree trunks in the forest at an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level.

Hainan Plum-yew

Cephalotaxus Hainanensis is a species of conifer known by the common name Hainan Plum-yew. It is a shade-tolerant tree that prefers highly fertile soil.

Podocarpus Annamiensis

Podocarpus Annamiensis is a species of conifer in the family Podocarpaceae, growing on mountain slopes or in ridge forests from 600 meters to 1,600 meters above sea level.

Hopea Hainanensis

Hopea Hainanensis is a species of tree in the family Dipterocarpaceae that grows to about 20 meters tall and lives in dense forests at an altitude of about 700 meters. It is a key wild plant species protected at the national level.

Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park, located in central Hainan island, is a 4,269 square kilometer stretch of endless green. This is the roof of Hainan - the Park encompasses Wuzhi Mountain, Yingge Mountain, Jianfeng Mountain, Bawang Mountain, Limu Mountain, and Diaoluo Mountain. The rolling mountain ranges lie across the land like the backs of coiled dragons, forming the heart of Hainan Island. This is the source of Hainan’s many waters - the Nandu River, Changhua River, and Wanquan River flow through canyons and down slopes, forming a radial water system. The Park is also the ecological habitat for 3,653 species of wild vascular plants and 540 species of terrestrial vertebrates, a land bursting with life and green vitality.

Different from tropical rain forests in other regions, the Hainan tropical rain forest is the only "continental island" tropical rain forest with both tropical rain forest and monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest. It is also the thickest and best-preserved island tropical rain forest in China. With a unique natural geographic landscape and a complete vertical band spectrum of vegetation, long-term geographic isolation has allowed it to nurture a variety of rare animal and plant species that are unique to the tropics, China, and Hainan. With the official establishment of the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park, the authenticity and integrity of this tropical rainforest ecosystem are now more effectively protected. We look forward to seeing more and more people discover the miracle of life here as time goes on.



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