Sanya Baoping Village: A journey through a thousand years

By Zhou Chenguang / HICN / Updated: 23:32,03-October-2021

Baoping Village, formerly known as Bilan Village, was a border town and part of the island’s sea defense in the area of Yazhou. It is a famous Chinese historical and cultural village with fascinating ancient dwellings.

The village of Baoping was built in the Tang Dynasty over 1,100 years ago. To the east, there is the river Tielutang, also called Long Creek, and to the west, the Bolang River, also known as the Feng River runs down from Mount Feng The topography of the village reminds people of a divine tortoise, and locals say he has blessed the villagers for generations.

Ancient Baoping Village, Chen Xingfei

Baoping Village features the largest number of ancient Ming and Qing Dynasty period buildings spread over the largest area in Hainan. There are more than 40 Class I historical buildings and 166 Class II historical buildings, for a total area of 26,000 square meters of historic buildings here.

The traditional ancient dwellings in Baoping, with their three openings and courtyard style, constitute the most representative group of ancient villages in Hainan, and are of high value for the study of the history of Sanya during the Ming and Qing Dynasty periods.

Ancient Baoping dwellings, Fu Zongrong

Baoping, a thousand-year-old village

The village of Baoping is one of the first national intangible cultural heritage items and is the main birthplace Yazhou Folk Songs, which are still being passed down there.

Cultural show in Baoping, Fu Cejun

The protection and restoration of the ancient architectural complex in Baoping Village has led to its selection as one of the top ten cultural villages in Hainan, as a famous Chinese historical and cultural village, and one of the first traditional Chinese villages.

Ancient Baoping dwellings, Chen Wen

In 2017, Baoping Village and Miss World collided with a spark of "history and fashion". The show visited the ancient village, and contestants sang "Yazhou folk songs" and showcased Han-style clothing culture, turning Baoping Village into an online celebrity, and turning Gangmen rice noodles, lentil sauce, and crab sticky rice into popular snacks. Now, the plan is to turn Baoping Village into a rural tourist attraction, develop the rural tourism economy, and improve the villagers' income.



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