Step into a world of wildlife with Tommy

By Wu Ruolin,Chen Mingwen, Zhou Chenguang / HICN / Updated: 22:27,02-October-2021

Are you ready to get wild?Today, our overseas communication officer Tommy will take you to the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park, to show you a wild, wild world. It’s a vast wildlife park just outside of Haikou where you can enjoy a nature walk and see some cool animals!


Can you believe that you can see China's national treasure, the panda in Hainan? There are two cute pandas, Gonggong and Shunshun, in the park. They're 8 years old, which puts them at about 20 years of age in human years. Did you know that pandas can eat up to 15 kilograms of bamboo a day? On your visit, you can not only see the pandas feasting on bamboo, but you can also see them rolling around and playing. If you're lucky, you can even see them climbing up a tree!


Asian elephants are one of the largest animals in the park. They have the longest trunk of any animal. Their trunks have no bones, but do have over 40,000 muscles. They use their trunks for everything, for breathing, for picking fruit, and even to say hello! They are super adorable. 


There is a new addition to the family in the park, a baby hippo. The baby hippo follows his mother all the time. When the mother is in the water, the baby hippo will hide underwater so that no one can see where he is! According to Mr Li, an animal keeper in the park, “hippos can hold their breath for about 5 minutes at a time, then come up to the surface of the water to breathe”. As soon as the hippos see someone approaching, they will come over and open their big mouths wide to receive food, very cute. 


Out of the 17 species of deer in China, the Hainan Eld's Deer is one of the rarest. Late last century, Hainan Eld's Deer were close to extinction, but thanks to conservation measures, they have started thriving, with more than 1,000 in Hainan now. They are the spirit of the forest. Here you can see Eld’s Deer with big watery eyes, shaking their heads, staying alert but curious about the world. 



When you get a chance, come check it out for yourself. There are so many more animals to see, including giraffes, bears, lions, tigers, and even ligers! Furthermore, the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP15) is going to be held in Kunming, China. If you are interested in nature, you will want to follow the proceedings. Remember, we all have to do our part to help protect beautiful nature.



Having questions about living or working in Hainan? Leave it below. 

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