Guide to Hainan's Chengmai Mangrove Bay Wetland Park

By Li Xiang / HICN / Updated: 16:30,05-October-2021

Known as the “Kidneys of the Earth”, wetlands play an important role in storing and cleaning water, keeping us fed, and providing nature a home. Thanks to the local island and mountain geography, China’s southern Hainan province enjoys a wide variety of wetland resources, including the Mangrove Bay Wetland Park.

Located in Chengmai County, in the northwest part of the island province, the 40-hectare wetland park features a beautiful mangrove landscape, rare birds, fresh air, and all sorts of recreational activities.


An exhibition hall featuring mangroves and wetlands

Combined with information on ecological and environmental protection, the ecology and geography of wetlands in China and around the world are vividly displayed through advanced technology. While you’re there, you can also explore wetlands all over the world.

Endless Forest on the Sea

After leaving the Exhibition Hall, take a walk along the 2.2-km boardwalk over the water in the park, and enjoy a view of the surrounding “Forest on the Sea” — the Mangrove trees, which are known for their amazing ability to withstand saltwater immersion and fight seashore erosion.

While at the park, you can also get your hands dirty and work to protect the environment by pitching in to plant some mangrove saplings, or make a donation to buy more mangrove saplings to show your love for Mother Earth.

Flamingo Island

The island is home to about 100 Cuban flamingos that were flown in several years ago, and 30 flamingos that were subsequently hatched right there on Flamingo Island. The ecological environment of the park matches their original living environment so well that they decided to settle right in and raise their families here in Hainan!



The Market

This is where you can feed other cute animals such as alpacas and macaws in the park! Plus, you can make a DIY plant arrangement here. 



After all that fun, how about wrap up the day by renting a kayak to have a little adventure on the waterways of the mangrove forest?


Park Information:
Hours: 08:30 a.m. - 05:30 p.m.

Entrance fee: 48 RMB from Oct. 1st to March 31st; 45 RMB from April 1st to September 30th.

Location: Mediterranean Sea Cultural Town, N. Chengmai County.

Tel.: 0898-36960077

(Photos provided by the Office of Tourism, Culture, Television, Radio, and Sports of Chengmai County &



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