Fun October Holiday Activities in Central Hainan

By Chen Shumin / HICN / Updated: 22:05,27-September-2021

Are you ready for a week off work? This National Day holiday, what do you plan to do? Whether you live in Hainan or are just visiting, there are all sorts of amazing places to visit and things to see. Sure the island is famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning ocean views, but that doesn't mean that's all it has to offer. Hainan also boasts mysterious mountains and lush rainforests.

Even better, if you aren't sure what to do or where to go, the counties and cities in the center of the island including Qiongzhong, Tuanchang, and Wuzhishan have all launched a variety of tourism activities for the coming holiday.

Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County

Baihualing—the "hundred flowers" ridge—is referred to as a “natural oxygen bar”. The confluence of three rivers, Baihualing boasts verdant green rainforests, spectacular rocky peaks, deep mountain canyons and one of Asia’s prettiest waterfalls.

An aerial view of Baihualing. SHI ZUBO

For this year's National Day holiday, the Baihualing Tropical Rainforest and Cultural Scenic Area will not only provide visitors the opportunity to experience the mysterious rainforest but will also offer at a local food festival and a folk song competition.

Folk dance performance at Baihualing. SHI ZUBO

Starting on October 1 and continuing daily to the end of the holiday on October 7, locals will be performing traditional Li and Miao folk songs and dances at the Baihua Tianchi Square of the scenic area from 11am to 5pm.

Tunchang County

Tunchang County's "Perfume World" is a planting base and horticultural park for various fragrant flowers and trees. Starting on National Day, the park will launch its annual "Roselle Hibiscus: Pick Your Own" activity.

An aerial view of Perfume World in Tunchang. (

Since this is an agricultural product, the activity won't be limited just to the holiday week, and if you don't have the time to do it now, you'll still have two months of opportunities ahead of you before it ends.

Roselle picked up in Perfume World. (

Fresh Roselle Hibiscus is best known for being made into a sour fruit tea. It tastes especially good with a bit of white sugar added to cut through the sourness.

Wuzhishan City

The majority of Hainan's Li and Miao ethnic minorities live in Wuzhishan. Boasting China's most untouched virgin tropical rainforest and the headwaters of the island's longest rivers, the Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest National Nature Reserve is home to many precious plants and wild animals.

The rainforest in Wuzhishan. LING YANG

During the National Day holiday, visitors can enjoy canyon rafting at the Wuzhishan Grand Canyon Rafting Scenic Area. On the mornings of October 2nd and 6th, they can also have an immersive experience learning folk songs and dances from the locals, as well as knowledge about various tropical plants and animals during walks through the rainforest at the Shuiman River scenic spot.

Tourists experience canyon rafting in the scenic area. SHI ZUBO 



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