Where to go to gaze at the moon this Mid-autumn Festival

By Wei Junfan / / Updated: 20:22,21-September-2021

This year’s Mid-autumn Festival is just around the corner and Chinese people around the world are ready to take part in mooncake eating and traditional moon watching and moon worship activities. More than just a three day break from work, this festival is a traditional holiday that is closely entwined with Chinese people’s historical culture and family.

It’s currently none too easy to enjoy a reunion with friends and relatives so, on this most joyous holidays, let’s take a look at the best places for you to enjoy a view of the moon in Hainan !

Moon Admiration By the Sea


Haikou’s Sunny Western Seacoast Coastal Park is a long stretch of coastline beloved by local residents for morning and evening exercise. At this time of the year, it’s an excellent place to enjoy the moon. As part of passing the custom down from generation to generation, many local senior citizens will take their children and grandchildren to the seashore with them to take part in traditional moon watching rituals.


On the night of the festival, the area between Haikou Bay and the Haidian River and the greenways on the northern and southern coasts of the Haidian River are excellent places to take a walk and admire the moon. Every night, as soon as night falls, the street lights are turned on and tourists and residents alike are attracted by the city’s nightscapes.


Running alongside Sanya Bay, the “Coconut Dream Corridor” is China’s most famous coastal sightseeing avenue. Sometimes called Asia’s “No.1 Avenue”. Given how lovely the views here are year round, this is sure to be an extraordinary place to look at the bright white of the Mid-autumn Festival’s big round moon.

Sometimes called the “First Bay Under Heaven”,visitors to Yalong Bay are consistently amazed by the soft white sand and crystal clear seawater. On the night of Mid-autumn Festival, the scene along the coastline is sure to make anyone Chinese think of the Tang Dynasty poem."The bright moon rises up from the sea. Despite the distance between us. We all share the same happiness under it."

Strolling the Streets

Historic Haikou at Night.  YUAN CHEN/Hainan Daily

Haikou’s Historic Shophouses

More than a century ago, the ethnic Hainanese merchants who traveled back and forth between Hainan and Southeast Asia built baroque, renaissance and Southeast Asian styled shophouses in Haikou. Fast forward to the current day and the entire area is a riotous combination of shops, local folk customs and diverse cultural activities. Whether you want to drink a ripe coconut, eat street food under the soft moonlight, look at the stars, or just relax, this is the place to be.


Any time of year, Haikou’s Evergreen Park is a great place to have fun. This time of the year, it’s a great place for moon viewing. The park’s unique combination of tropical coastline, ecological garden, and surrounding modern buildings give visitors a delightful experience. The full moon and the lights of the distant buildings are a perfect fusion of natural and manmade charm.

Mountain Climbing

Many people think that the tops of mountains are the best place for holiday moon viewing. As well as getting a cool breeze, you’ll find that you have a better view than you might just a few hundred meters lower. Climbing up to the top of a hill for moon watching is also a fun activity for couples.

Sanya City’s Deer Looking Back Park is located on a hill at the south end of the city. Offering both a seaview as well as excellent sunrises and sunsets, this site combines the landscape of Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai and Sanya Bay. Everywhere you look, you are bound to see something beautiful.

Haikou’s 2,600m long Century Bridge spans the Haidian River and connects downtown Haikou with Haidian Island. One of the city’s key landmarks and tourist destinations, it is also a major part of the city’s transportation infrastructure. Whether driving across it, walking across it, or looking at it from below, either in the daytime or at night, it’s a sight to behold.

Nightview of Haikou Century Bridge. ZHANG MAO/Hainan Daily

Tonggu Mountain  

Many overseas ethnic Chinese call Wenchang their ancestral homeland. Featuring bays such as Gaolong,Qinglan and Yueliang, Wenchang is known for wild coastal scenery. At the far eastern tip of the island, Tonggu Mountain faces the sea on three sides and is probably the best spot from which to moon watch.

Seven Fairies Mountain

If you really want to get the best views of the moon, any of the peaks of the Tropical Rainforest National Park will give you an experience unlike any other. Start with Diaoluo Moutain before going to Seven Fairies Ridge, Wuzhishan, Limu Mountain, and then Jianfeng Ridge. Wherever you decide to spend the night, the lack of light pollution guarantees that you’ll get incredible starscapes.

Also you can stay at home to have a piece of mooncake or take a cup of tea, if you don’t want to get close to the crowded people.



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