Lara Goes Local ⑥:Broadening Horizons at Haikou Bay

By Lara Netherlands, Chen Mingwen, Wu Ruolin / HICN / Updated: 10:58,09-September-2021

If you live in Haikou, or you have friends who live in Haikou, or you have friends who have been visiting Haikou, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of beautiful sunset pictures recently. The recent development of Haikou Bay and the Haikou Bund into evening hotspots means that more and more people have been out and about as nature throws her paints across the heavenly canvas above. From Xinbu Island in the east to Xiuying Port in the west, people are scattered all across the bay area jogging, cycling, and chilling with groups of friends as they wait with phones in hand in anticipation of the night’s show.

The new multi-use trails running along the waterfront are a key part of the project that the local government has in setting out to build a high-quality urban activity zone. Full of good vibes and great scenery, this almost 20 kilometer long coastline project has enriched the outdoor lifestyle of residents by incorporating flood control, environmental protection, and ecological gardens with multi-use trails and children’s playgrounds. With the protection and restoration of the natural environment being a pivotal aspect of the plan’s execution, each section of the coastal garden strip boasts unique characteristics adapted to local conditions. Furthermore, the layout of attractive commercial points along the route has released some of Haikou’s emerging high-end consumption potential in an immediate boost to the local “micro-economy” of the neighborhoods along it.


The Wormhole Library—which opened earlier this year—quickly became the hottest cultural attraction in Haikou with attention not only from local residents but also people all around the world. The creation of such an iconic structure has led to a great deal of anticipation among locals with regards to upcoming attractions which are still under construction.


It’s one thing to take a leisurely stroll along the bay or to slowly ride a share bike from start to finish. This is certainly the most common way that people take in all there is to see from the breathtaking sunsets to the various buildings designed to complement and enhance this coastal strip. 


However, if you want to get a completely different perspective, consider kayaking from Evergreen park to Century Bridge. You’ll not only get to see familiar and beautiful features (including the aforementioned Library) from an unfamiliar angle, you’ll also get in a good upper-body workout. Whether you are doing it for the magical dose of endorphins or the fantastic scenery, it’s bound to be an experience that will forever stain your memory. Whether you are purchasing a kayak or renting one, make sure to add this awesome chance to take a peek into what us humans look like to birds flying by to your Hainan bucket list.


Besides the amazing scenery that comes with kayaking, it is a great sport to experience either alone or in groups. You can bond with your family, create memories with your friends, or simply take some time to mentally heal yourself surrounded by the isolation of the water. Recently, Haikou Bay kayaking has become the favored activity by several companies offering fun-filled and meaningful team-building activities. With their numerous visitors that are keen for adventure, Havsvik Kayaking is one of these companies which has seen a majority of its first time customers quickly becoming regulars keen to return again and again for more of this addictive and adventurous hobby.

Our host, Lara, takes you with her to experience kayaking around Haikou Bay in this episode of Lara Goes Local. Click on the video to check it out, but remember: there is a limit to the beauty which can be captured on the screen and that limit is simply incomparable to the reality of the experience. So be sure to kit-up and explore this fantastic activity in your free time. For more information, drop us a message on our official Wechat account (hiHainan).



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