Beautiful Bay Pilot Zone to Include Shimei Bay & Xiaohai Lagoon

By Sun Chengnuo / / Updated: 09:40,03-September-2021

The 1,900 -kilometer-long coastline of Hainan Island is more than just the place where one can experience the charming scenery of land meeting the water; it is the linkage for the island’s rich ecological resources with its cultural tourism resources. Recently, the provincial government issued the Ecological Environment Protection Plan for the Period of the 14th Five -Year Plan. Under this Plan, it was proposed that Hainan create nineteen “Beautiful Bay” Pilot Zones which included Wanning’s Shimei Bay and Xiaohai Lagoon.

Shimei Bay. 


Charming Gangbei Harbor  WENG LIANGDA

Because of its advantageous coastal resources, a number of maritime amusements have already been developed at Shimei Bay. Visitors to the Bay can take a helicopter ride for a bird's eye view of the clear blue waters, they can go sailing on a yacht, or they can get up close and personal with the ocean at one of the many local surf clubs. Whether they come to Shimei to “catch a wave” or “catch 40 winks”, this place is suitable for both active and quiet tourism. A favorite among travelers is the Phoenix Jiuli Bookstore (known as the “most beautiful” bookstore in Hainan and one of the most beautiful bookstores in China). At Jiuli, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee, read a good book, and enjoy the poetic sights, smells, and sounds of the nearby waves crashing against the shoreline.

Visitors enjoying the water in Shimei Bay


China Resources Shimei Bay International Yacht Club



Located near the Gangbei Harbor in Wanning’s Hele, Xiaohai is the largest lagoon (inland sea) in China. Covering an area of about 43 square kilometers, Xiaohai abounds in seafood including the well-known Wanning Hele crab, Gangbei prawn, and Hou’an mullet. Going to sea every evening and returning every morning, the fishermen in Gangbei still retain their traditional fishing methods. Every time they set sail, they carry with them not only nets but the hope for a good harvest.

Fisherman in Gangbei Harbor Heading Out




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