Pics: Life is so beautiful in Hainan

By Sun Chengnuo / / Updated: 22:39,04-September-2021

Haikou’s colorful clouds are always shifting from one spectacular hue to another, the vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, and sometimes blues and purples making you wonder if this is reality or if you have somehow slipped into some kind of dream or incredible fantasy. Hainan’s beauty makes a deep impression on all who are lucky enough to experience it. In Hainan, you’ll soon get so used to seeing bright blue skies and cheerful sunshine when you wake every morning that you won’t be able to bear the thought of leaving! The fluffy white clouds seem like cotton candy, and the cheerful rainbows after the brief storms of rain and the fiery sunset-tinged clouds in the evening make it hard to look away from the show going on above. Life is truly beautiful in Hainan.

In Hainan, the shore is never far away, so it’s easy to catch the sunset or even sunrise there daily. What could be better than a stroll along the beach with your beloved?

In Hainan, there is another world far from the grey fogs and gloomy skies of other lands. Here, blue skies and white clouds rule the day. 

In Hainan, the unique island climate means that winter is as warm as spring.

In Hainan, there is a bay called Yalong Bay, which the locals call "the first bay under heaven". 

In Hainan, there is an island dedicated to making fantasies come true - Phoenix Island.

In Hainan, there is a colorful town called Bo’ao.

In Hainan, there is a spectacular beach called Tianya Haijiao - which means the “ends of the earth”. 

In Hainan, there is a lush, untouched jungle called Yanoda Tropical Rainforest.

In Hainan, there is a small island full of wonders called Boundary Island, which marks the boundary between two totally different climates.

In Hainan, there is a vacation paradise called Wuzhizhou Island.

In Hainan, you could meet the love of your life on Holiday Beach.

In Hainan, there is nothing more relaxing than a stroll on West Island.

In Hainan, the Wanquan River flows through the heart of the island, and through the hearts of the island’s people, too.

In Hainan, Wuzhishan, or Five Finger Mountain stretches up, up into the sky.

In Hainan, there is nowhere better for peace and quiet than the deep green mangrove forest.

In Hainan, you can step back in time on the historic streets lined with beautifully restored Southeast Asian style Qilou buildings.



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