Night markets of Sanya: find the extraordinary in the ordinary

By Ding Xin / / Updated: 10:06,30-August-2021

At the southernmost end of the island of China’s southernmost province, Hainan, you’ll find the beachside resort city of Sanya. Many travelers  feel that Sanya’s night markets are well worth a visit as they give tourists the opportunity to use the ordinary to discover the extraordinary and to feel the pulse of the city.

Bohou Village Night Market


Sanya First Market Night Market

Before the sun has finished its daily journey and slipped completely behind the horizon, more than a hundred stallholders at First Market are already setting up to welcome their evening customers. Highlighting the charm of this coastal city, as soon as the sky starts to darken, the hype starts to grow. The moment you arrive, you’ll find a carnival of sights and sounds, people to watch, things to buy, and a dazzling selection of delicious street food to eat.

As the oldest night market in the city, this is a favored place for visitors to Sanya from all over China.

Street Food at the Sanya Night Market/SANYA TOURISM PROMOTION BUREAU

Location: No.155 Xinjian Street

Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm 

Yiheng Theme Night Market

Located where Jiefang Road meets Huixin Road, the Yiheng Theme Night Market has a business area of around 6,000 square meters and is comprised of hundreds of little shops which mainly sell local specialties and local snacks.

Relaxing at the Sanya Yiheng Theme Night Market


The market is known both for local Hainanese street food and famous snacks from other parts of China such as the Cantonese rice noodle roll, stinky tofu from Changsha, Guangxi’s snail noodles, and Shaanxi’s roujiamo flatbread.

Location: No. 1361 Jiefang Road, Yiheng Shopping and Food Plaza

Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm 

Shangpin Street Night Market

Located in one of Sanya's lively shopping districts, Shangpin Street comes alive in the evening. The area in front of Ganghua Market has street food from all over the country and people who have spent all day hard at work like to come here to experience a treat for their tongues and tummies.

Fried noodles, barbecued meat, beer, and various kinds of desserts are among the many delicious treats you can find to not only satisfy your taste buds but also your eyes. The variety of cuisines combined with the sound of the crowd play a vivid symphony of the nighttime life in the city.

Address: No.16, Lane 1, Shangye Street

Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm 

Bo Hou Village Night Market

The village of Bo Hou has become famous for its homestays and boutique hotels. Now, it is once again going viral online for its amazing night market. Whether staying overnight in the village or not, visitors to the market can enjoy both the delicious food and the excellent performances.

Locals and tourists alike speak highly of the Bo Hou Village Night Market. Travelers praise it for the collection of delicious food from all over China while the locals consider it yet another marker in the positive development which their hometown has recently been undergoing.

Visitors to the Bo Hou Night Market trying out street food


Address: Bo Hou Village, Jiyang District

Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm 



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