Popular TV program turns Wanning into a tourist hot spot

By Feng Tiantian / HICN / Updated: 20:12,21-August-2021

In recent years, Hainan, China’s southernmost province, has become a popular filming spot for many movies and TV shows due to its natural beauty and tropical climate. Wanning, located on Hainan’s east coast, has long been known as a surfing paradise. Now, due to the hit TV show The Perfect Summer Season 2, featuring a group of celebrities vacationing there, Wanning has become the latest hot tourist destination. The TV show has awoken the Chinese nation to the spectacular scenery, thrilling water sports, and chill vibes that make Wanning such a great place to hang out.

A celebrity trying surfing for the first time with the help of a professional coach in Riyue Bay, Wanning

In Riyue Bay, you can see the evidence of surfing culture everywhere -- the walls are splashed with graffiti, colorful surfboards line the racks in front of every surf club, and well-tanned surfers are everywhere. Soon, you will have a healthy tan and a surfboard too, blending right into the local scene. There are over 20 surf clubs lining the beach in Riyue Bay these days, so there are plenty of options for renting a board, finding an instructor, or even attending one of the many summer and winter surf camps held here every year.

The best way to enjoy the local surfing culture is to dive right in to the surfing lifestyle. Check out the surfing market, where you will find all kinds of fun products and activities - colorful hair braiding, aromatherapy, flower arranging, and of course plenty of tasty treats to indulge the enormous appetite you’ve built up by surfing all day.

In case that’s still not enough reason to come on down, the 14th National Games Surfing Competition will be held from August 26 to September 14 in Wanning, bringing together athletes from 13 provinces to compete for two gold medals in Riyue Bay. Check it out for yourself! 



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