• The pilot season gives you a taste of what's to come in future seasons and episodes of Lara Goes Local. From spending time with the locals, and visiting a village, to exploring Haikou city after the sun sets – let's take a look at some of the many wonders of Hainan.

In the first Episode of Season 1, HIMC's host, Lara Netherlands, sets out to find the answer to the question : "Why do people in Hainan love laobacha?" Laobacha has a long history in Hainan. Literally meaning grandpa's tea, it denotes Hainan's popular tea drinking culture, accompanied by an assortment of snacks. Visiting a laobacha will also give you a peek into the world of local men of the older generation and how they spend their mornings and afternoons. Click on the video to follow her as she explores a local laobacha and interacts with some of the grandpas and other locals indulging in the cup that cheers.

About "Lara Goes Local"

Lara Goes Local is a program in which HIMC's host, Lara, takes you on various adventures in and around Hainan. As someone who has fallen in love with Hainan and its treasures, Lara gives you the opportunity to get to know the island as she sees it through her eyes.

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