From the soil of the earth to above the fluffy clouds, and everything in between… in this season of Lara Goes Local, our host will take you on her very first skydiving adventure in Danzhou to jump out of a plane and see what Hainan looks like from up above – and my oh my, was it breathtaking! During Lara’s visit to Ganza village, she takes you through the mountains and the beautiful countryside to see get a taste of local life there. And what’s more? A trip to Sino-Nature garden calls for more stunning views and the perfect weekend getaway with various sorts of accommodation available.
October started off with a bang for Lara Goes Local. There was excitement in the air with the October holidays approaching and that’s when Lara hit the streets of Haikou to find out what everyone’s plans and expectations were for their vacation (or stay-cation)!

Another street interview this month was about learning the local lingo in the Hainan idiolect to call your close friends… this inspired Lara to interview different expats living in Hainan to explore similar linguistic techniques to call your friends in their home countries’ native languages.

Also, don’t miss out on the episode where Lara explored the pitaya plantations in Hainan’s Dongfang to discovers one of Hainan’s agricultural gems!
This month was most definitely a colorful season for Lara Goes Local!

Since the explosion of sunset photos on social media taken from Haikou Bay, you may wonder what would be the best way to see the sunsets from the bay area. Well, this month, Lara takes you on a kayaking adventure around the bay to offer you a completely different perspective of the sky's breathtaking paintings when twilight approaches.

What's more? Lara, goes in search of unique local customs and some of the many special folk songs which can be found all over Hainan. As a result of her journey, she will share with you the profound musical sounds of Lingao's Lilimei songs and Danzhou's Diaosheng songs.

During the Mid-Autumn festival, Lara hit the streets of Haikou to ask people what their thoughts are about this traditional Chinese festival, which mooncakes they prefer, and how they normally celebrate this holiday. Make sure you don't miss this interesting street interview!
The pilot season gives you a taste of what's to come in future seasons and episodes of Lara Goes Local. From spending time with the locals, and visiting a village, to exploring Haikou city after the sun sets – let's take a look at some of the many wonders of Hainan.

About "Lara Goes Local"

Lara Goes Local is a program in which HIMC's host, Lara, takes you on various adventures in and around Hainan. As someone who has fallen in love with Hainan and its treasures, Lara gives you the opportunity to get to know the island as she sees it through her eyes.

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