Haikou has set up 5 more nucleic acid test sites

By Wu Ruolin / HICN / Updated: 17:27,05-August-2021

To meet the increased need for nucleic acid testing, Haikou’s Qiongshan district has set up 5 more temporary nucleic acid test sites in Lüse Jiayuan (绿色家园), Qiongshan Wenzhuang No. 1 Primary School (琼山文庄一小), Qiongshan No. 2 Primary School (琼山二小), Qiongshan No. 3 Primary School (琼山三小) and Fucheng Middle School (府城中学). 
(see https://www.hicn.cn/system/2021/08/03/032592534.shtml for more test sites)
As some people were found through big data analysis to have been near key areas for prevention recently, their health codes have been changed to yellow by the Provincial Big Data Administration. Those with yellow health codes must take a nucleic acid test before 18:00 on August 6. 
People with a yellow health code should bring their ID (children should bring a copy of their household registration) to a nearby test site for a nucleic acid test as soon as possible. In the case of a negative test result, the yellow health code will change to green.
Additionally, those with yellow health codes should take precautions when traveling to the test site. Don’t take public transportation, touch others, or visit crowded locations. Those who fail to take a test in a timely manner or make false reports, thereby causing the further spread of the epidemic or causing the risk of transmission, will be held legally liable. 



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