Covid test tips - what to know before you go

By Ding Xin / / Updated: 16:02,05-August-2021

Currently, nucleic acid testing is being carried out in Haikou. What should you know before your test? Please check out the Covid test tips below:

Before testing

1. Try to avoid eating anything in the 2 hours before the test. During this period, do not smoke, drink alcohol, or chew gum, and avoid frequent swallowing, as this may impact the concentration of viruses in the throat and affect the test results.

2. Wear your mask correctly, and only remove your mask for the nasal swab.  Put your mask back on immediately after your test, and bring a spare mask in case of contamination.

3. Please bring tissues. The test may cause discomfort, and cause tears, sneezing, or other reactions.

4. Due to the tightly sealed protective gear worn by the medical workers, they may not be able to hear clearly. Please bring along your ID card and have your health code ready in advance for convenience and efficiency.

5. Recently it is quite hot outside and you may need to wait in line for some time. Please pay attention to the notices and be sure to keep more than 1 meter away from other people.  Do not speak to others in line, and be prepared for the hot weather.

During testing

1. Before your test, please inform the medical worker if you have a history of nasal surgery, nasal septum curvature, blood disorders, pharyngeal diseases, or are taking anticoagulants. During the test process, you may feel nasal itch or may sneeze. If so, please immediately use a tissue or your elbow to cover your mouth.

2. During the nasal swab, please tilt your head back slightly, open your mouth, and make an "ah" sound. You may experience a dry cough, nausea, and or vomiting. Please try to relax and breathe deeply.

3. Please pay attention to hand hygiene. Do not touch the testing table, the medical staff’s protective clothing, or anything else in the test area in order to avoid contamination.

After testing

1. Please wash your hands immediately after the test, or use hand sanitizer. If you need to change your mask, please put the waste mask into the designated medical waste bin.

2 . Please leave the site immediately after the test and do not spit, vomit, or remain in the area of the test site.

3. Due to the large volume of tests being carried out, your test results may be delayed. Please pay careful attention to your test results. If your test result is positive, please cooperate with the follow-up instructions from your medical institution.



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