Discover the joys of rural tourism in Zahan

By Cai Rong, Lara Netherlands, Sudeshna Sarkar / HICN / Updated: 23:05,02-August-2021

Hainan is famous for its scenic beauty, but did you know, it also has the most beautiful Chinese village? Zahan in Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County seems to be straight out of a fairytale, with its luscious forests, winding streams, and fluffy clouds. It is also the highest village in Hainan, perched nearly 800 meters above sea level, between the Limu and Yingge mountains. In this episode, our host, Lara Netherlands, explores the ethnic cultural customs of Zahan.

(Li Hao)

What made her choose this village that used to live in poverty once? It’s because last month we celebrated the anniversary of the publication of the master plan for the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port with a media tour and promotion exchange. Several media organizations from all over China visited different destinations in Hainan to see the results of the poverty eradication campaign and the progress in building the free trade port. Zahan was one of the chosen places and Lara was among the delegation.

Lin Gang, a Communist Party of China official, is the Party first secretary in Zahan. Thousands of first secretaries were stationed in various impoverished villages when the targeted poverty alleviation campaign started. Mr. Lin explained to a journalist how Zahan rose out of poverty. It opened 18 farmhouse restaurants, 20 specialty shops, and more than 30 homestays, creating more income for the villagers.

The transformed village was given the titles “the most beautiful Chinese village” and “the most beautiful Chinese village with nostalgia”. A special feature is, for generations, it has been home to the Miao and Li ethnic minorities, and the two have lived in harmony. Their highly integrated culture created the right ambience to develop the village as a rural tourism destination with Li and Miao characteristics. 

If you want to get the most out of your visit here, we suggest spending a weekend. In the early morning, the fresh, misty air greets you and the evenings are cool and serene. You can climb the majestic mountains or hike along silvery streams. You’ll have the opportunity to sample Li and Miao cuisine, see how Li brocade and Miao embroidery is made, and join in the beats of local songs and dances. At night, you can camp out, drifting off to sleep under the bright, starry sky, or enjoy the hospitality of a countryside guesthouse.

(Li Hao)

(Li Hao)



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