The 2nd Season of Discovering Mysteries available now

By Nicki Johnson / HICN / Updated: 15:20,02-August-2021

The first episode of the long awaited and much anticipated second season of Discovering Mysteries is out today! The first part of Discovering Mysteries Season 2 focuses on the wetlands and the mangrove forest. The five filmmakers have once again carried their heavy film equipment from the depths of the rainforest down into the mangrove forest, and have turned their lenses on the tiny denizens of the wetlands. The plan for Season 2 is to release 24 episodes, each running around 4 minutes. This season will explore the mangrove forest, the wetlands, Baihualing, and the rainforests of Wuzhishan, as well as Jiaxi and the Exianling nature reserve. 

This is Hainan: Discovering Mysteries is a short documentary series that shines a light on Hainan’s ecological and cultural geography. It reveals Hainan’s natural environment, focusing on nature, ecological protection, and scientific research, giving viewers a look inside the natural ecology of the Hainan Free Trade Port, the many plant and animal species native to the island, and the achievements of the national ecological culture pilot zone. The first episode of Season Two will be broadcast worldwide on August 2. This top-shelf production of the Hainan Daily Group hopes to show the entire world the beauty and richness of the amazing natural environment of Hainan.

Open the New Hainan App, Hinews, or Nanguo Metropolis Daily, or the Hainan International Media Center website ( to watch the first episode, starring the adorable Soldier Crab!

The tide goes out and the mudflat beside the mangrove forest is exposed.

Fish, shrimp, and crabs are much easier to catch during low tide.

This rich food source attracts a number of scavengers.

The mudflats erupt as the local Soldier Crabs emerge to forage.

They move forward scooping mud into their mouths with their claws.

They sift the water and sand from the food in their mouths keeping the organic matter and algae and spitting out the leftover sand leaving tiny balls of rejected sand all over the ground.

Every time the tide goes out huge squads of Soldier Crabs emerge to forage creating a truly spectacular sight.

Birds fly overhead signaling the approach of danger.

The crabs corkscrew into the sand digging down with their claws and soon disappear from view.

The Lesser Sand Plover lands on the shore.

This visitor from faraway heads towards the thick ranks of Soldier Crabs.

She feels overwhelmed.

The local resident Little Egrets aren’t impressed.

These crabs aren't meaty enough to bother with.

A Soldier Crab is pulled from his hole.

He can’t do anything to stop the Lesser Sand Plover who pecks and pecks and tosses him around like a toy.

She flips him over then abandons him.

The Soldier Crab rights himself then digs for his life.

The tide rises bringing even more life along in its wake and attracting large numbers of birds over the winter.

The star of our next episode brings her own spoon to dig in the sand.

Stay tuned for next time!

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Producers: Guo Zhimin, Wu Bin, Han Chaoguang

Production Supervisor: Luo Jianli

Executive Supervisors: Hu Xufa, Lin Ying , YuWeihui, Ao Kun

Filmmaker / Director: Li Xiaogang

Writers: Mi Hongxu, Li Xiaogang

Videography: Xu Wei, Liu Sunmou, Mi Hongshu, Zheng Ziyu, Li Xiaogang

Editors: Li Xiaogang, Xu Wei

Special Videography: Feng Erhui, Chen Zhengping, Luo Lixiang, Lü Shiyang

Narrator: Liu Yang

Print Media Design: Gong Yuming

Translator:Nicki Johnson 

Jointly Produced by: The Hainan Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park Management Office and the Hainan Wild Plant & Animal Protection Management Office

With special thanks to: Hainan Pingtouge Culture Media Co. Ltd.

Jointly Produced by: New Hainan APP, Hainan International Media Center and Hinews

A production of: Nanguo Metropolis Daily



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