Haikou City temporarily suspends in-person extracurricular training and other big gatherings

By / hnntv.cn / Updated: 23:58,01-August-2021

Education bureaus of all districts, all levels and types of schools (including kindergartens), and off-campus training institutions:

In order to effectively prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic in Haikou and ensure a "safety place" without COVID-19 cases on campus, according to Haikou COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, all in-person educational and teaching activities, training and other gathering activities of teachers and students inside and outside the school will be suspended immediately. The specific matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. From now on, all primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and off-campus training institutions will suspend all in-person teaching, summer classes (including kindergartens, primary and secondary school summer classes), self-study classes for seniors in high schools,and all kinds of training and examinations in training institutions. All kinds of activities such as teachers and students' field trips, training, social practice, summer camp and Parents' Open Day will be suspended. The specific time when services resume will be notified according to the situation of the epidemic. During this period, those who continue to carry out the above-mentioned activities in violation of the regulations will be severely punished.

2. All primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and off-campus training institutions should immediately publicize and explain to students and parents, properly arrange related matters, guide students and parents to implement personal protective measures, ask teachers, students and parents not to participate in all kinds of gathering activities, insist on not going out unless necessary, to ensure the safety of teachers and students.

3. All schools strictly implement the "daily report, zero report" guideline, and report any abnormal situation immediately.

4. Education bureaus of all districts should quickly deploy, increase supervision and inspection, strengthen the supervision of all kinds of schools and off-campus training institutions, and ensure that all kinds of education and teaching institutions stop in-person teaching activities.

The Education Department of Haikou City

August 1, 2021



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