A new COVID-19 case found in Haikou today

By / SSTV / Updated: 20:13,01-August-2021

On August 1st, Haikou logged a new COVID-19 case. The patient has now been transferred to a designated hospital. After the investigation of the government, here is her trace history for the past few days:

Ms. Hu, 

Address: No. 1 Apartment, No. 15 building, Nanbao Garden, Jinpan, Longhua District, Haikou City.

On July 19th, she took flight HU7059 (seat: 45C) from Haikou to Jingzhou, and then stayed in Jingzhou East Road, Jingzhou District, Jingzhou City.

From July 20th to 27th, apart from occasionally going shopping in Jingzhou, she only walked around the surrounding area. 

At 15:35 on July 27th, she took the D362 train  (seat 6f of car 7) from Jingzhou to Hankou. At 16:50, she took the G6889 train (car 4 seat 3f) from Hankou to Tianhe Airport.

At 17:48, she flew to Haikou by Air China CA8235 (seat 20J). She was picked up by a private car to her Jinpan residence, and did not go out afterwards. 

According to a report from Huai'an, Jiangsu, a company in Huai'an organized employees to travel to Zhangjiajie. They took a bus to Jingzhou on July 27th, and returned from Jingzhou Station by D3078 at 15:52. The company has now detected multiple infected cases.  The time of Hu and the employees of the company staying at Jingzhou Station are overlapped.

On July 28th, she rode an electric bike to Jinpan Haixin Huating’s Jinheng Tea Garden in Longhua District for breakfast.

At 10:36, she repaired the electric bike at the Jinhua Electric Maintenance Department near the gate of Jinpan Huaqiang Community, Longhua District, and then returned home.

Around 17:00 in the afternoon, she, accompanied by her mother-in-law, went to the China Mobile business hall of Jinpan Jinbi Yayuan in Longhua District to get a card, and then went to the Linlang Cake Shop nearby to buy cakes, and then returned home and stayed there since then.

On July 29th, at around 8 o'clock, she drove to a place near the Mission Hills Fire Station to participate in the opening ceremony of a military summer camp for children with her his mother-in-law, which was hosted by the Youth Channel of Hainan Broadcasting Station.

At about 11 o'clock, she returned home with her child and mother-in-law. After eating at home, the child and the mother-in-law went to her mother-in-law's house (Nongken Ergong Community, Longhua District, No. 100, Haixiu Road). In the evening, she went to her mother-in-law's house to pick up the child and sister's two children. They returned to the Jinpan Nanbao Garden together.

On July 30th, she went to the Endocrinology Department of Hainan Provincial People's Hospital for blood sampling by riding an electric bike at around 8 o'clock.

At around 11 o'clock, she went to the Toupu market to buy vegetables, shrimp, pork, etc. She stayed for about 15 minutes there and then went home. 

At around 15:00, she went to Jincheng Yipin at Jinhua West Road with two friends, and the sales department of Jinhu No. 1 Jinken Road, and then returned home.

On July 31st, she rode an electric bike to the Endocrinology Department of Hainan Provincial People's Hospital at about 9 o'clock, and went home at about 11:30 after buying frozen chicken wings, mushrooms, tomatoes and winter melon at the Toupu market. 

At 14:49, she rode an electric bicycle to the Haikou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for nucleic acid testing. 

At about 16:40, she and a friend went to Chuangye Xincun Community at Jinpan, Zhongsha Road, stayed there for about 5 minutes, and then returned home.

1. If you have made direct or indirect contact with Ms Hu during this period, please do not go out, practice personal protection, and immediately report to the local prevention and control work headquarters or disease control agencies waiting staff to collect

nucleic acid sampling and do an investigation. Please actively cooperate with the community to take epidemic control measures.

Xiuying District Headquarters: 68663106 

Xiuying District CDC: 68621159

Longhua District Headquarters: 68954321 

Longhua District CDC: 36606594

Qiongshan District Headquarters: 65915055 

Qiongshan District CDC: 65889929

Meilan District Headquarters: 65332354 

Meilan District CDC: 1333745911

Haikou COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

August 1st, 2021



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