A visit to Hainan’s Shuiman Village: from nature to culture

By Cai Rong, Lara Netherlands / hiHainan / Updated: 16:01,31-July-2021

Where can you enjoy fresh rainforest air, drink smooth black tea, and explore the history and culture of ethnic groups famous for their art and craft? In today's video, Lara will take you to Shuiman, a village in Hainan’s "Emerald Mountain City". The city of Wuzhishan in central-southern Hainan is called that because it is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. It is also the home of Li and Miao minorities with their rich cultures.

Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area

As its name indicates, the Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area is rich in tropical rainforests, watered by the Shuiman River. The majestic Wuzhi Mountain forms the backdrop, rising into the sky to meet the clouds and offering a breathtaking view.

The main way to explore the scenic area is on foot. Follow the wooden walkway and walk through a nature trail of trees, vines, exotic flowers and herbs. The lush vegetation gives the air its freshness. Breathe deeply and you can feel your lungs being cleansed. The opportunity to get in touch with nature is right here and now!

Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area (Lin Hongyu)

Shuiman Tea Fragrance Shared Farm

The Shuiman Tea Fragrance Shared Farm is in Maonao Village, which remains frost-free all through winter, the best recipe for growing tea. The warm monsoon winds from the south and the cold air of the alpine rainforests from the north blend here to make clouds and fog and frequent rain. This unique ecology gives the tea leaves of Wuzhishan their unique mellow quality.

Shuiman Tea Fragrance Shared Farm (Li Hao)

Let’s follow the tea farmers to experience the fun of picking tea leaves. We will learn how Wuzhishan black tea is made and get an insight into the local tea culture. And after we have picked the tea and explored the farm, let’s sit in the teahouse and enjoy a refreshing cup of Wuzhishan black tea. 

The Shuiman black tea is smooth and slightly sweet and its fragrance reminds you of milk and honey. It’s an enriching experience, from the tea fields to the finished product, the amber liquid in the cup, surrounded by dazzling scenery. There couldn’t be a more perfect way to enjoy the afternoon.

Lara tries her hand at picking tea leaves in Wuzhishan. (Photo provided by the sponsor)

Lidong Cultural Park

To learn about the traditional Li culture, the Wuzhishan Lidong Cultural Park is the perfect destination. The cultural park displays and preserves the traditional culture of the ethnic group and is also a way to boost ecological folk experience tourism. Here you can experience the Li culture based on authentic villages. This is an innovative way to develop ethnic tourism.

Lidong Cultural Park (Li Hao)

Every year, on the third day of the third lunar month, the cultural park hosts an important Li religious ceremony. This has injected new cultural elements into the development of local tourism.

If you want to know more about the history, traditions and arts of this skilled minority, there is the Lidong Cultural Museum. So the Lidong Cultural Park is the best way to combine your nature hike with cultural immersion. Enjoy!

Lidong Cultural Park (Li Hao)



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