Lara Goes Local ①:Drinking with Grandpas

By Lara, Shi Junhao, Chen Mingfu / HICN / Updated: 23:26,26-July-2021

Why do people in Hainan love laobacha? Literally meaning grandpa's tea, it denotes Hainan’s popular tea drinking culture, accompanied by an assortment of snacks. Our host, Lara Netherlands, sets out to find the answer to this question. Click on the video to follow her as she explores a local laobacha and interacts with some of the grandpas and other locals indulging in the cup that cheers.

Laobacha has a long history in Hainan. Indoor and outdoor laobacha venues can be found scattered all around town – although you might find a more traditional vibe at an open-air roadside setting. Just like Lara, you are also likely to be overwhelmed by the endless options of local snacks and treats to choose from. A pot of tea among grandpas to quench your thirst during hot and humid days might be the perfect way to spend your afternoon.

Visiting a laobacha will also give you a peek into the world of local men of the older generation and how they spend their mornings and afternoons. Why they choose to spend it this way is what triggered Lara’s curiosity to visit one herself and delve deep into its mystery, which was solved by a very simple, yet relatable, explanation.



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