Hainan FTP: Sanya Nanfan Research Institute unveils

By Feng Tiantian / HICN / Updated: 18:37,19-July-2021

Sanya Nanfan Research Institute of Hainan University, is an off-season crop breeding base (a technique translated as "nanfan" in Chinese) jointly built by Hainan University and the Sanya City government. The institute was officially unveiled on last Saturday. It will establish a supporting platform for improving the standards of off-season crop breeding technology in Hainan.

(Photo by Liu Zirong / Hinews)

Promoting supply-side structural reforms of off-season crop breeding, the Sanya HNMB Research Institute will scientifically support national seed industry safety and food security.

Focusing on “off-season breeding” and “tropical crops”, the Institute will mainly target the fulfillment of national strategies on tropical agriculture as well as the requirements of the construction of the free trade port construction; the Institute will also focus on talent training; and on scientific research and social service work in the fields of farming, pest prevention and control, agricultural mechanization, agricultural products and the economic management of agriculture and forestry. All of the above are based on the major scientific and engineering problems faced by the industry as a whole in terms of innovation, high-efficiency tropical agriculture, and the creation of an off-season crop breeding “Silicon Valley”.

At present, the Institute's scientific research forces have already achieved a series of landmark achievements in the innovation of tropical specialty crop varietals, the control of tropical crop diseases and pests, and the preservation and processing of tropical crops. The Institute had already fitness an international leading advantage in research fields such as tropical crop breeding and pest control, natural rubber cultivation and processing, metabolic biology, and cassava genomics; and, these achievements have already radiated outwards to countries and regions participating in the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) such as Vietnam and Uzbekistan.



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