Worldwide media representatives experience Wanning’s beauty

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Building an industrial processing chain around the miraculous noni fruit

On the morning of the 17th, all of the media guests attending the “Sharing Hainan with the World” ——2021 Hainan Free Trade Port Development Master Plan Publication 1 Year Anniversary Hainan Media Tour and Promotion Exchange came to visit Hainan Wanwei Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. to see how the green noni fruit is processed starting from picking the raw fruit through the stages of washing, drying, and fermenting.

Native to the southern islands of the Pacific, the noni fruit is a high yield superfruit with considerable health benefits. Lin Siqing, a planter of noni fruit from Changfeng Town’s Futian Village told reporters that good market conditions for noni fruit make it an ideal agricultural product.

(Li Hao)

It is understood that–in order to greatly improve the basic capabilities of the noni fruit industry and other influential agricultural products (such as betel and coffee)–Wanning City plans to build eight industrial clusters focusing on supporting basic agtech industrial capacity. The resulting higher level of industrial processing will form a new pattern of modern industrial development featuring simultaneous development of multiple industries, multiple points of support, and diversified development; and, it will also push the region’s agtech processing industries towards a higher level. 

An elegant atmosphere smelling of books, ink, and the ocean breeze

After this, the media guests went to visit the Shimei Bay Phoenix Palace Bookstore. Surrounded on three sides by the green mountains and featuring large windows facing the crashing blue waves of the South China Sea, this unique bookstore “is a space and platform for cultural exchange which attracts guests from all over the world.” As one of the bookstore’s regular customers said to reporters, “it doesn’t matter where they originally come from, literati of all cultures find this to be a comforting place”.

(Li Hao)

According to the manager Chen Runjue, the bookstore opened its doors for business on January 15th, 2017; and, that same year, was recognized as “Hainan's Most Beautiful Bookstore”. This was followed in 2018 by the Xinhua Bookstore Association recognizing it as “China's Most Beautiful Xinhua Bookstore”.

(Li Hao)

“Good culture and good scenery are inseparable from each other,” said Yang Zhibin, Director of the Publicity Department of CPC Wanning Municipal Committee. Wanning has always attached great importance to constructing a good cultural environment, and a development plan for creating "Cultural Wanning" was specifically proposed during the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan. By exploring local cultural items such as calligraphy or the practices introduced by returned overseas Chinese, one can learn the stories of Wanning, better understand Wanning, and see how “Wanning's unique culture is a key part of the city's personality and temperament.”

(Li Hao)

China’s “Surfer’s Paradise”

Accompanied by ocean breezes and the sound of crashing waves, the beautiful scenery of Riyue Bay was something all of the media visitors were thoroughly enchanted by. “This is the first time in my life to try out surfing. I originally thought it was going to be very difficult. However, after no few attempts and some coaching, I figured out the necessary techniques to get up on the board and feel the rush. It’s amazing! For me, surfing at Riyue Bay has got to be one of the highlights of this event.” said Tao Xing, an English language reporter for the Beijing Review.

(Li Hao)

Wanning is making surfing an important part of the local tourism industry. In order to promote the high-quality development of the tourism market—Wanning is actively building itself into a boutique surf competition brand. The many international surfing competitions which have been held in Wanning are doing a lot to promote sports tourism and tourism consumption. The next step will be to work towards building Wanning into a world-class surfing resort. The necessary industrial ecology to support this will also require numerous supplemental industries to be constructed from the ground on up.



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