Hainan Opera "Orchid Flower Blooming" premiers in Haikou

By Ding Xin / hicn.cn / Updated: 18:55,05-July-2021

An original modern Qiong (Hainan) Opera "Orchid Flower Blooming" premiered to great acclaim at Haikou Bay Performance Center on the evening of July 2.

The Qiong Opera "Orchid Flower Blooming" tells the story of Fu Wenjun, Secretary of the CCP branch of Shicha Village in Haikou City, who spent 300 yuan to buy a dendrobium orchid planted in a stone base. Fu Wenjun advocated organizing cooperatives to plant these orchids in the village and received support from village party branch members Chen Yaowen and Chen Hui, as well as the majority of party members and villagers. However, Chen Hui's husband Zhuang Hao, because of his dislike for Fu Wenjun, not only openly opposed the cultivation of the orchids in the village but also obstructed the village's construction of a biotech dendrobium orchid industrial park in every possible way. Fu Wenjun helped the villagers to solve practical orchid cultivation problems. Not only did they complete the task of planting a large amount of orchids, but also built the village's dendrobium orchid industrial park, which allowed the orchid industry to drive the development of a variety of industries in the village, greatly improving local living standards.

The original modern Qiong Opera "Orchid Flower Blooming" premiered in Haikou. Photo / Chen Wang

The staff of the opera repeatedly visited Shicha Village for inspiration, and the village’s big banyan and litchi trees were included as key elements of stage design.

“The dance, lighting, music, and stage design provided a solid foundation for the show,” said Li Mingyu. The staff worked with locals to understand the various details of growing orchids, created an in-depth plot, and strove to make each character act and sound authentic.

The original modern Qiong Opera "Orchid Flower Blooming" premiered in Haikou. Photo / Chen Wang

The original modern Qiong Opera "Orchid Flower Blooming" premiered in Haikou. Photo / Chen Wang

Greeted with thunderous applause, the original modern Qiong opera "Orchid Flower Blooming" was finally staged on the evening of July 2. Outstanding young Haikou Qiong Opera Performing Arts actors Wu Xuyong, Ruan Danqing, Liu Weiwei, Yu Qiurui, and others all gave excellent performances.

The opera will be staged in several cities, counties, and towns in Hainan bringing rich spiritual and cultural joy to the local people.



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