Malick: African student expects Hainan to become a “green” FTP

By Sun Chengnuo&Shi Junhao / hihainan / Updated: 17:53,28-June-2021

Malick Cisse is an African student who majored in ecology at Hainan University and won a Chinese government scholarship. He came to Hainan five years ago, and last month he completed his final examination and got his Doctor’s degree. Congratulations, Malick! When speaking of the reason he chose to study in Hainan, Malick said he wanted to go somewhere with beautiful forests, so he searched online for beautiful cities in China and found Haikou and Sanya, and eventually decided to apply to Hainan University.

“I think Hainan has an excellent natural environment and the lives of the Hainanese people are really comfortable. I have seen a lot of changes in Hainan since I came here. People are working to develop the city they are living in into a more modern place to live,” Malick said. Since the Chinese government released the master plan in 2020, detailing policies for the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP), people are always talking about the the development of the Free Trade Port, and he thinks that’s a good thing. There are many Free Trade Ports around the world, like Dubai, Hong Kong, Macao, and Los Angeles. Malick thinks Hainan can differentiate itself from those places by paying more attention to the ecological environment, something that the local government is doing now. Due to that extra emphasis on environmental protection on the island, Malick expects Hainan to become a “green” Free Trade Port.

Hainan is known for tropical agriculture, and Malick’s research is mainly about the mixed cropping, which means cultivating two complementary crops in the same field, benefiting both. Malick has studied the mixed cultivation of Yellow Rosewood (黄花梨) and Rubber (橡胶) which allows both of these valuable trees to assist each other under harsh conditions. Malick said that if this model could be used widely in Hainan, it would be very useful for Hainan’s forest cultivation, and that both Yellow Rosewood and Rubber trees have high economical value.

Malick is now applying to work as a researcher at Hainan University, and he said that since Senegal and Hainan have a similar climate environment, everything that he has learned here in Hainan, such as how the local people plan and construct cities and improve agricultural production, can be taken back to assist in the development of his native country.



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