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By Ding Xin / HICN / Updated: 16:48,11-June-2021

Breathe deeply, listen quietly, and you may find that this is the paradise you have always been looking for. There is so much beauty in Qiongzhong that needs to be experienced firsthand, so come with us and get a close-up view of this fascinating place hidden deep in the mountains of Hainan.

Yinggen Town, Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County

Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County is located in the ecological heart of Hainan. It has been called "the heart of Hainan, the source of the three rivers, the forest kingdom, the hometown of green oranges, and the homeland of the Li and Miao peoples. The area features several important protected rainforests, such as those at Wuzhi Mountain, Limu Mountain, Diaoluo Mountain, and Yinggeling. The Qiongzhong Green Orange is the first product with a  protected geographic mark in Hainan Province.


No matter how many famous mountains and rivers you have seen, you will still stand in awe of the beauty of Qiongzhong.

Limu Mountain


Twilight view of Qiongzhong


Mountain springs and streams are unique in every place. Looking at the ducks and geese swimming freely in the river, youll feel like youve gone back in time.

Bailu Lake

Bailu Lake


The paths of the village bring you to a home away from home, and the unnamed wildflowers of the fields seem to welcome guests from distant places. 

Helao Village

Dabian Village

Zhonglang Village

Qiandui Village

Xinzhai Village


Try the Bamboo Rice and Three Color Rice to get a feel for the true flavor of the Li, and youll discover that the taste of Qiongzhong on the tip of your tongue is hard to forget.

Three Color Rice

Qiongzhong Veal

Wild Qionghzhong Vegetables

Qiongzhong Green Orange Harvest Season

Qiongzhong Green Orange Harvest Season



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