Outdoor mountain activities in Hainan’s Baoting go viral

By Ding Xin / hicn.cn / Updated: 17:26,20-May-2021

Baoting is located in the south of Hainan Island, in an area that isn’t too hot in summer and is as warm as spring in winter. The area boasts 85.2% forest coverage, most of it rainforest covered mountain slopes. Here, you’ll find 23 kilometers of natural cave passages, the world's largest tropical karst landscape, tropical waterfalls, farms where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables, and unique local folk customs. Recently, the area has become an ideal destination for outdoor mountain travel and sports.

Outdoor mountain sports include activities that take place in a natural mountain environment, allowing participants to improve their physical and mental health by spending time in close contact with the fresh air and restorative power of the forest. As a sunrise industry in China, outdoor mountain sports have a huge market value.

In December 2020, Baoting released several new tour routes for outdoor mountain sports, inviting travelers to come to enjoy healthy, fun activities in these off-the-beaten-trail destinations. Maogan Township is located in a remote mountainous area of Baoting, and has quite a lot to offer - there are“stone forests”, caves, and hot springs in addition to the lush tropical forests. In 2020, a tropical rainforest mountain extreme sporting event held here attracted 200 outdoor sports enthusiasts.

At present, Baoting has completed the initial planning stage of a 108-kilometer-long outdoor mountain travel route and plans to create China's first national tropical rainforest hiking fitness trail, heralding a new era of mountain tourism in Baoting.

The development of local tourism and outdoor mountain sports will promote the local agriculture industry, increase local people’s income, and spur the area's economic development.



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