Raz Galor: A social media influencer shares his story

By Lara Netherlands, Chen Mingwen, Wu Ruolin / HICN / Updated: 20:39,29-April-2021

Raz Galor (高佑思) is a social media influencer and the founder of a social media channel called "Ychina" with over 20 million followers on several platforms including Bilibili and Youtube. 

During Raz's teenage years, he attended an international school in Hong Kong. This is where he was first exposed to various cultures and learned to speak English. Afterwards, he continued his studies in a Chinese environment in Beijing. Immersed in the local environment and culture, he had the opportunity to develop his fluency in Mandarin. 

Run by him and his partners, the channel "Ychina" covers various topics related to China. Raz hosts and interviews people on their experiences in China. The platform also helps other influencers grow their channels across the world. Raz said that anyone who wants to do a better job in this field needs to figure out 5 "W"s: why, who, when, where and what. 

(Chen Mingwen)

"Why"and "Who" respectively refer to why you do it and who you want to cooperate with. You also need to know how long you are willing to invest yourself into a given thing. "Where" references the target audience's location. "You have to be very clear who you are speaking to, you're going to speak to a specific type of people you think would be interested in your content", Raz said. "What" is the most important thing for the success. If you don't know what you are doing, and you don’t have a real purpose for what you are doing, then you won't succeed.

During the interview, Raz answers questions with great integrity as he shares the joys and challenges of being an influencer. He says the most meaningful thing for him is when he can make a conversation with somebody he never met and either put a smile on their face or inspire them. "On a day to day basis, the culture gap is still my biggest challenge,"  he said.

(Chen Mingwen)
(Cameraman: Chen Mingwen )



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