Embracing the blue sea and sky on Boundary Island

By Li Cong / HICN / Updated: 21:21,10-April-2021

Beautiful Boundary Island is named for its location, straddling the North-South climate boundary of Hainan Province. Boundary Island, once part of the much larger island of Hainan, has slowly drifted away over the years, and now sits alone like a vibrant, green pearl floating on the blue waters of the South China Sea.

Known for its natural beauty, Boundary Island offers stunning views and tons of fun activities. Standing on the soft sandy beach, your toes will sink into the white, powdery sand, which melts into the pale, turquoise water and finally shades imperceptibly into the bright blue sky at the horizon. Apart from drinking a coconut as you take in the splendid view, you can also enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options and activities on the island, including going yachting or motor-boating. Visit the island’s dolphin viewing area to catch a glimpse of the playful acrobats of the sea.

Boundary Island is located about 1.2 nautical miles off the southeast shores of Hainan Island, and getting there by boat takes about 10 minutes each way. The long, narrow island covers an area of about 0.41 square kilometres and boasts a 2,876 metre-long coastline. It consists of two low hills, the northern one reaching a height of 100.9 metres and the southern one almost as tall, measuring 96.1 metres at its peak.

(Video: He Cong)



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