Road Trip Time: Amazing journeys on Hainan's most scenic roads

By Li Cong / HICN / Updated: 14:21,05-April-2021

The beauty along the road can be easily overlooked in the rush of traveling. Have you heard of these scenic Hainan island highways? Today we're taking a look at some of the most beautiful roads in Hainan. You don't have to leave the island to enjoy these great places, so get some friends together and get ready for some fun, because it’s road trip time!

Wenchang Coastal Highway: explore the best views in Wenchang

Wenchang Coastal Highway (Hainan Daily)

The first tourism road in Hainan, the Wenchang Coastal Highway links the 4 towns of Changsa, Longlou, Dongjiao, and Wencheng together, giving travelers a chance to enjoy both the natural roadside scenery and the cultural attractions along the way.


Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Moon Bay, Shitou (Boulder) Park, Dongjiao Coconut Forest, the Ancestral Residence of Madame Song Qingling, the Qinglan Bridge, and more.

 A satellite launch (Photo by Youshanyoushui)

Coastal view at Shitou (Boulder) Park (Hainan Daily)


Wenchang Yunjuanyunshu Seascape Inn, Hilton Wenchang.

Hilton Wenchang (

Foodie treats:

Afternoon tea in Dongjiao Town, Wencheng Jiangjia Vinegar Soup, Wencheng Wangcheng Baoluo Rice Noodles.

Vinegar Soup (Hainan Daily)

Baoluo Rice Noodles (Hainan Daily)

Sanya Sunny Bay Road: the most beautiful coastal road

Sanya Sunny Bay Road (Hainan Daily)

Located to the east of Yalong Bay, Sunny Bay is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and faces the sea to the south. On the way to the bay you will drive along a 4 km. long mountain road featuring unobstructed views of both mountains and sea. The amazing photos you can take from the road will make the perfect screensaver when you get back home!


Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park (Huang Qingyou)


Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort

Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort (

Shimei Bay to Dahua Cape in Wanning: a road full of stories

The Shimei Bay section of Wanning Coastal Highway (Hainan Daily)

The scenery along the road between Shimei Bay and Dahua Cape offers a combination of breathtaking landscapes, natural beauty, historical sites, and creative architecture. Stretching over a distance of 35.24 kilometers, the route passes through Liji, Dong’ao, and Wancheng Town, linking a number of beautiful coastal areas including Shimei Bay, Nanyan Bay, and the Shenzhou Peninsula.

One side of the road faces the sea, while the other side is lined with the shadows of palm trees, making it an ideal destination for aerial drone photographers.


Shimei Bay, Nanyan Bay, Shenzhou Peninsula, Laoyehai National Marine Park, Houtan Beach, Baoding Bay, Chunyuan Bay, and Dahua Cape.

Shimei Bay (Geng Wenzhi)

Sunrise at the Swallow Cave in Shanqin Bay (Photo by Jiahong)


Le Méridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort, The Westin Shimei Bay Resort, Forest Inn Riyue Bay.

Le Méridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort

The Westin Shimei Bay Resort

Forest Inn Riyue Bay

Foodie treats:

Xinglong coffee, Southeast Asian cuisine, ISTANA Indonesian Restaurant.

Southeast Asian cuisine

ISTANA Indonesian Restaurant

Set off with the morning breeze and enjoy views all along the road. Stop anywhere you like, plan your own routes, visiting interesting roadside attractions and staying at cute seaside hostels, and enjoy the road trip of your life, right here in Hainan. There are no rules, no schedules, and nobody telling you where to go or when to leave - you decide it all!



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