Enjoy fantastic sea view from Wanning's Sun River Scenic Bridge

By Chen Shumin / HICN / Updated: 2021-03-12,15:55

(Video provided by He Cong)

Wanning, a county-level city in the island province of Hainan in south China, has a rich cultural history as well as an extraordinary natural scenery. Its Riyue Bay is a prime surfing site where the Chinese national surfing team trains during winter and various surfing events are held round the year.

Surfers enjoy surfing at Wanning's Riyue Bay. (Yuan Chen)

The city also boasts a beautiful, over 35km long tourism highway, reminiscent of the famous California State Route 1 that runs along the Pacific coastline. Half of the Wanning highway provides a fantastic sea view as it stretches from Shimei Bay, a favorite diving destination because of its pristine water, to beach resort Dahuajiao. 

Wanning's coastal tourism highway (Tang Guoqiang)

The Sun River, the largest river in Wanning, offers more spectacular views. It has a scenic bridge at its estuary, a vantage point from where visitors can view the breathtaking scenery along the river. If you look down from the bridge to the mouth of the river, the shimmering reflection looks like a golden ribbon floating down from the sky.

The Sun River Scenic Bridge section of Wanning's tourism highway (Song Guoqiang)



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