Pink Shower Trees blooming in Hainan

By Ding Xin / / Updated: 16:38,25-February-2021

The Lanyang Pink Shower Tree Park will open in March. At that time, the Park will also hold activities, inviting the general public to come to enjoy the blossoms.

The “Pink Shower” trees in the Park are Cassia javanica, a species of tree in the family Fabaceae, and are also known as Java cassia, apple blossom trees, and rainbow shower trees. They originate in Southeast Asia, but have been extensively grown in tropical areas worldwide as a garden tree owing to the beautiful crimson and pink flower bunches. Their most distinctive feature is that in spring, the entire tree is covered with pink flowers that bloom for around two months.

Lanyang Pink Shower Tree Park

Lanyang Pink Shower Tree Park is located in Lanyang Town, Danzhou City, and is a shared farm project of the Haiken Group. More than 1000 Pink Shower trees have been brought in from Guangdong and planted in the over 66,000 m² large park. After much diligent care, more than 90% of the Pink Shower trees bloomed this year, creating a fairy-like spectacle of pink petals.

The flowers make the perfect backdrop for stunning photos. 

The Park is like an outdoor photo studio. 

According to the Haiken Group, after the Park is open to the public, activities such as a cheongsam show, music festival, photography exhibition, and painting & calligraphy exhibition will be held there. In this Pink Shower tree blossom season, come and visit the Lanyang Pink Shower Tree Park to enjoy a sweet, romantic spring!



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