To experience a unique rainforest at 18 degrees north latitude

By Chen Shumin / hiHainan / Updated: 2021-02-24,17:25

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, about 35 kilometers away from downtown Sanya, is the unique rainforest at 18 degrees north latitude of China.

Characterized by tropical rain forests, serene valleys, waterfalls and springs, and herbal SPA, it is an ideal place where visitors can breathe fresh air, go camping and stream trekking, and experience the hospitality of the local Li people.

Rainforest Valley

In Rainforest Valley, you will see rain forest plants such as towering banyans, big Lingzhi mushrooms, upas trees, and sugar palms, which is a natural oxygen bar. The tour channel is comprised of the wooden plank, rustic stone steps, and drawbridge to meet the needs of various tourists.

Dream Valley

Dream Valley, the 1.2-meter deep and 200-meter high tropical rainforest valley, features many various waterfalls, the magnificent and colorful scenery, the giant trees, rocks, and streams, which form a mysterious and dreamy zone.

Woailu Glass Sightseeing Stand

Woailu Glass Sightseeing Stand integrates a 108-meter-long suspended glass platform and a 257-meter cliff glass walkway, with the maximum drop of nearly 200 meters. It faces the magnificent South China Sea, and you can also experience the glass Fragmentation of the 5D effects, which is stimulating and thrilling.

Stream Trekking

Put on straw sandals and helmet, under the leadership of the coach, experience  stream trekking in Dream Valley. It is a challenging activity that consists of crawling under a net without wetting clothing, walking on a net over the water, walking on the balance beam and climbing against pouring waterfall.

High-altitude Zip-line

The high-altitude zip line across the tropical rainforest has a one-way line of 608 meters and a drop of up to 70 meters. It just takes three minutes to glide the whole line. During three-minute breathtaking soaring one gets a bird’s view of the splendid rain forest.

Cliff Sea-viewing Swing

Swinging yourself backwards and forwards, you can feel your heart bumpy and fast while enjoying the splendid landscape of sea and mountains.

Real CS

Computer game lovers can play real CS in the rain forest in combat fatigues. When the unique rainforest terrain meets the high-tech laser gun equipment, the stimulating combat kicks off.

Rainforest No.1 Hotel

It is located in the arms of the mountains. Free from hustle and bustle of the downtown, you can breathe fresh air and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time here.

Rainforest Camping

After enjoying fishing by the creek, self-service barbecue, fruits and vegetables and ethnic dance, you can lie in the tent at night, listen to the singing of the crickets and frogs, and enjoy the romantic starry sky in rainforest.



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