Wonderful places for a Spring outing in Sanya

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Bright Spring days have finally arrived! It’s time to relax our bodies and souls in the glorious, blissful sunshine. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing Sanya village tour? Gorgeous natural wonders, cultural attractions, and exciting outdoor activities await you!

Zhongliao Village

Century-old village houses surrounded by mountains and rivers, traditional Li minority folk songs, bamboo pole dancing... Zhongliao Village, a fairyland lying deep in the forest, holds tons of original folk customs for you to discover. Meanwhile, if you are a handicraft enthusiast, Zhongliao Village is the perfect place for you to show your creativity! Come to the village and you will learn all about hand-made wood art, as well as movable type printing!

Highlights: Li minority culture, Bamboo pole dance, Zhonghe Lake, Coconut Grove guesthouse

How to get there: Take Bus No. 20 or drive.

Bohou Village

Bohou Village features idyllic scenery and a “sea” of roses. The village’s Aijia Lake Park, holds an exquisite classical garden, making it a “must-see” attraction.

In addition, if you ever have a chance to stay in Bohou Village for a night, you will definitely be impressed by the guesthouses which offer excellent service and your choice of style—contemporary, minimalist, Chinese classical... Why not pick one and spend a sweet evening under the starry skies?

Bohou Village is also famous for the vibrancy of the local life.  The night market there will give you the chance to try out Hainan fresh fruits and local specialties all in one spot, and get a feel for the way the villagers live.

Highlights: “Sea” of roses, Aijia Lake Park, Guesthouses, Night market

How to get there: Take Bus No.27 or drive.

West Island Fishing Village

West Island Fishing Village, located in Sanya Bay, Tianya District, Sanya City, is an ancient village dating back over 400 years.

Wandering along the old fishing village lanes, you will find a unique gallery—a wall full of eye-catching, childlike paintings. It’s a collaboration between professional artists and local villagers.

A highlight of the West Island Fishing Village is the old houses made of coral, which have survived and are remarkably well-preserved despite exposure to the rough weather off the ocean for centuries. These ancient houses hold the touching stories of the West Island female militia. Curious about the West Island heroines? Local residents are happy to tell you all about their bravery.

Highlights: West Island Cultural and Creative Museum, Sea Study (a bookstore on a boat by the sea), distinctive guesthouses, Wall paintings

How to get there: Take Bus No.26 or drive.

Damao Village

A stream running across Damao Village divides it into two areas—one is an agricultural science and technology park, and the other is a tourism park. Both of them offer interesting, fun things to do.

The agricultural science and technology park consists of four modern “smart” ecological greenhouses. If you are in the mood to pick your own fresh fruit right from the branch, Damao Village is the place to go in the Sanya area.

In addition, electric scooters, parent-child bicycles, horseback riding, and tons of other entertainment facilities are available in the tourism park to meet all your needs.

Bring your family here and spend a few days in an RV or a cute wooden cabin! The songs of the birds and other gentle sounds of nature provide the perfect background music for a perfect night’s sleep.

Highlights: Modern manor, RV/Villa accommodations, Tent camping, Horseback riding, Water-overflowing bridge

How to get there: Take Bus No.20 or drive.

Shuinan Village

The stone doors of Shuinan Village are carved with ancient Chinese poems. In this village, the well preserved former residences of many celebrities are hidden among the lush trees, and are open to the public.

Shengdetang (Hall of Great Merits), a private mansion built by the descendants of Peidu, a famed minister in Tang Dynasty, and the Lu Duoxun Memorial Hall are waiting to be explored.

Stroll along the ancient lanes, travel back to centuries long past, and get a glimpse of Hainan’s history in Shuinan Village.

Highlights: Ancient culture of Yazhou, Shengdetang, Lu Duoxun Memorial Hall, Shrimp flatbread

How to get there: Take Bus No.58 or drive.

Qingtang Village

Qingtang Village is a family themed village in Sanya. Instead of a traditional Chinese village, Qingtang Village looks more like a child’s dream of paradise. The whole village is covered by imaginative paintings, equipped with swings, a playground, paintball, a jungle crossing, children’s go-kart, and other facilities.

Plus, excellent coffee shops dotted around the village offer a wide variety of comfort food and drinks for all family members. This village is the best place to enjoy family time together!

Highlights: Rainbow Bridge, Wall painting, Parent-child activities, Farmhouse food.

How to get there:  Take Bus No.23/No.28 or drive

Baoping Village

Baoping Village is a time-honored village dating back over 1,100 years. It holds the best-preserved, largest, and highest number of ancient Ming and Qing Dynasty houses in Hainan Province.

Some tourists regard Baoping Village as an "open-air museum", which looks just as it did thousands of years ago. Houses covered with moss, ancestral temples, and stone archways can still be found in this village, giving it a strong sense of history.

Highlights: Ancient housing and alleys

How to get there:  Take Yazhou Line No.3/No.8 or drive

Honghua Village

Want to experience more joys of the country life? Honghua Village is another ideal destination for your Spring outing. Honghua Village, an oasis of serenity in the bustling city, features pastoral scenery and crystal-clear air.

Why not spend an afternoon rowing a boat on the glittering lake and let the breeze caress your face? That might be the best way to refresh your mind and spirit.
Meanwhile, every dish in the village is farm-to-table, so don’t miss the healthy, farm-fresh cuisine in Honghua Village. Here, the fresh flavors and mouthwatering aromas will be sure to satisfy both your tastebuds and your belly.

Highlights: Fruit picking, Horseback riding, boating, Fishing, Parent-child activities

How to get there:  Take Bus No.37 or drive



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