Zhu Dingjian: Expect more Hainan-Hong Kong cooperations

By Lin Jianing / hiHainan / Updated: 2021-01-24,23:09

Zhu Dingjian, a member of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, brought four proposals to the Two Sessions this year.
As a Hong Kong businessman, he noticed and appreciated the openness in Hainan’s policies as well as the significant improvement in the local business environment in 2020. “With fewer procedures to handle, I can focus more on running my companies instead of spending a lot of time on examinations and approvals,” said Zhu.
From where Zhu stands, the strength of Hong Kong is exactly what Hainan lacks. Hong Kong’s modern service industry is relatively mature with a high concentration of talent. Hainan can leverage Hong Kong’s advantages to accelerate the promotion of its modern service industries. Zhu would like to see more Hong Kong companies and talents come to Hainan, as well as more Hainan-Hong Kong activities launched so that Hainan can accumulate more industry resources and speed up its development.
Hainan set up the Hainan-Hong Kong-Macao Service Industry Cooperation Demonstration Zone in 2020. The Zone aims to improve the concentration of resources, talents, and activities in Hainan. It will further open up Hainan’s education, culture, and finance industries to Hong Kong and Macao. Zhu believes that the Zone can facilitate Hong Kong’s companies coming to Hainan.
In terms of bringing more talent to Hainan, Zhu suggested that Hainan should consider broadening the scope of its beneficial policies to attract more high-quality personnel.
“For example, due to the COVID 19 situation, many Chinese students have returned to China from overseas to work. Hainan should seize the chance and invite them to come here,” he explained. “Hainan can provide those graduates with preferential individual income tax policies.” That way,  more outstanding graduates will be retained and contribute to Hainan Free Trade Port.
Zhu pays quite a bit of attention to Hainan’s international reputation as well. He considers holding international celebration events and competitions a good method to improve Hainan’s publicity worldwide. 



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