Hainan Two Sessions: View on Hainan’s Development

By Cai Rong, Lin Jianing / hiHainan / Updated: 2021-01-23,21:45

Lin Changling is Vice-Chairman of the Hainan Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

In the interview, Lin highlighted the tax-free and talents policies.He said expats with special skills are needed and valued in Hainan. Lin also pointed out that the QFLP policy, which was released last year, offers a great opportunity for those who are interested in investing in China and Hainan.

He and his partner have a product called Alcohol Interlocks which can be installed in cars. Every time before drivers start their car engines, they have to blow air into this alcohol detector. Only when they pass can they start and drive the car. So he is looking for an opportunity to promote this product in Hainan.

Lin also mentioned how to develop telecommuting. “During the time of the epidemic, we can use blockchain technology to develop distributed systems to allow talents from all over the world to work in different time zones and contribute to the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port,” said Lin. 



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