Hainan Two Sessions: Entrepreneurs' Wishes for Hainan FTP

By Ding Xin, Cai Rong / hiHainan / Updated: 2021-01-20,19:16

The 2021 Hainan Province "Two Sessions" will be held soon. At the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the Hainan International Media Center will inform you on groups such as expats living in Hainan, returned students, and overseas Hainan leaders. They may come from different backgrounds and be of different nationalities, but each of them is concerned about the development and construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port and is closely tied to the opening and internationalization of the FTP in the fields of economy, education, tourism, and trade. Therefore, at this time, the Hainan International Media Center is committed to listening to them and conveying their voices to the "Two Sessions" of Hainan Province.

Zeeshan Qasim Khan, the CEO of Hainan Daily International Trading CO., has shared with us what he thought was  excellent about the Hainan government's work in international trade. “The most important thing that has impressed me is the Hainan Free Trade Port and more relaxation in regulations for international residents. You know, as I do international import and export, there are one hundred and sixty-nine types of goods that are totally tariff-free. And the  Hainan government issued this list in 2020 which concerns agriculture, raw materials, and many other things. ”

He also gave some suggestions on Hainan’s work on expats’ visas next year. “The visa is the most important thing for everyone to come to China. But I think the Hainan government is doing very well. We don't have that kind of problem here right now. As we know, the Hainan Free Trade Port is improving day by day. And I think that we still need to invite more international companies in Hainan and ask about their problems. But I think it's already improved a lot.”

Dennis Nikolaev, another guest that we interviewed, is in charge of the APEC International Studio. He has lived in Hainan for seven years. During those seven years, he has seen the rapid development of Hainan. He thinks that Haikou has become so much more beautiful and more friendly, and said that the Hainan government is doing an incredible job. Big new highways have improved people’s lives. All the night light-scapes make the city look really beautiful.

As an architect, he also offered his own suggestions for the work of the Hainan government next year. “One thing not to be forgotten is that we are a very southern city. And the climate is special. Many people enjoy riding two wheeled transport everywhere around the city but the road system is not optimized for the two wheeled transport. For example, Century Bridge cannot be crossed legally on two wheeled transport. I believe one of the ways to improve the life of citizens and guests in the city will be to actually consider green transport.” 



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