Video: How does a “Farm Professor” in Haikou help fellow villagers lift out of poverty? 

By Lara Netherlands, Chen Shumin, Li Qingfang / hiHainan / Updated: 2021-01-02,20:35

Over the past few years, Haikou has engaged in a poverty alleviation program. This program involves locals living in poverty and have since gained experience in planting specialized crops and raising cattle, sheep, and pigs. These “Farm Professors” have stood out in their communities. Not only have they lifted their families out of poverty, but they are now also sharing their knowledge and experience with other less privileged households in the fight to combat poverty.

Living in Fujiuhe Village, Dazhipo Town, around 40 kilometers from downtown Haikou, He Yunwang, who was once poverty-stricken, has been lifted out of poverty and has become out a “Farm Professor.” He now specializes in planting Lucky Bamboo and raising Hainan Black Goats.

Aerial view of Fujiuhe Village (Li Qingfang)

After Typhoon Rammasun destroyed his rubber trees in 2015, He Yunwang was poverty-stricken and started raising Hainan Black Goats. With the government’s industrial support, He Yunwang managed to raise groups of black goats in his old house and began a new life.  

Over time, not only has He Yunwang accumulated some experiences in raising black goats, but he also managed to lift his family out of poverty. What’s more, he has been entitled as a “Farm Professor” for his valuable experience and inspiring stories.

"Farm Professor" He Yunwang (Li Qingfang)

Furthermore, He Yunwang is happy to share his experience in raising black goats with his fellow villagers. Kuang Bichuan is one of the beneficiaries of his expertise. “It was He Yunwang who taught me how to raise them, including how to build a goat-shed and how to prevent goat diseases, which helped to increase my income,” said Kuang.

He Yunwang shares his experience in raising Hainan Black Goats with Kuang Bichuan.(Li Qingfang)

Now, both He Yunwang and Kuang Bichuan are “Farm Professors,” according to Xue Genwen, a leader of the Chongde Village Committee. “The government supports them in planting Lucky Bamboo and raising Hainan Black Goats. When they had difficulties in selling products during the pandemic, the government contacted some suitable buyers and helped them with sales,” Xue said.

Aerial view of the Lucky Bamboo planting base in Fujiuhe Village (Li Qingfang)

As mentioned before, in addition to raising Hainan Black Goats, He Yunwang is also engaged in planting Lucky Bamboo with his wife, Wang Kangli. And they have cultivated Lucky Bamboos in an area of seven to eight mu (One mu equals 666.7 square meters), which helps increase their income. “I am quite satisfied with my life this year and will be happier when my house is built and decorated,” Wang Kangli said.

Wang Kangli, He Yuanwang's wife, is also good at planting Lucky Bamboo.(Li Qingfang)

“I really appreciate how the ‘Farm Professors’ have helped the community,” said Lara Netherlands after interviewing them about their stories. Lara comes from South Africa, where her mother has worked hard to alleviate poverty through job creation, adding that the skills and experience of the “Farm Professors” passed on to their fellow villages are of great value to the community.

HIMC's guest host Lara (in the middle) takes a group photo with He Yunwang (on the left) and Xue Genwen (on the right) after the interview. (Li Qingfang) 

Since as early as 2012, China has stressed the importance of “targeting poverty alleviation”, and has managed to eliminate absolute poverty by the end of 2020.



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