2020 review of the touching and inspiring moments of expats in Hainan

By Li Xiang, Lin Jianing / hiHainan / Updated: 2020-12-31,16:18

2021 is nearly here! At the end of 2020, we reviewed some touching and inspiring moments of expats living in Hainan. All of them have contributed a lot to the island. Click to check out their full stories!

Dadonghai Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Hainan—thanks in part to Anna Trukhina, an HIMC Overseas Communication Officer from Russia. Since 2018, Trukhina has organized and led “Clean Beach” days, which combine trash collecting with activities such as diving, oil painting and sparring. Trukhina’s team of eco-lovers from around the world once collected a ton of trash! For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2020/11/22/032458722.shtml

A South Korean 11th grader at Hainan Overseas Chinese Middle School played a key role in Haikou’s fight against COVID-19. Early this year, when the world was scrambling for personal protective equipment, Yuri Hong managed to secure and bring over from South Korea, more than 5,000 masks, 400 protective suits and 200 goggles. Hong overcame several logistical challenges to help the city she calls her “second motherland.” For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2020/03/18/032304363.shtml

At the height of COVID-19, Lara Netherlands, originally from South Africa, showed her strong support for China and its people. She released a short video on Facebook and Instagram, urging people to have confidence in China’s efforts to beat the epidemic. Netherlands ignored calls for her to return home and opted to ride out the epidemic. For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2020/02/12/032276349.shtml

David Chon usually wins local hearts and minds with finger-licking fried chicken and beer at his Chimac and Pub restaurants. But this year, the South Korean entrepreneur found even more fans by distributing 6,000 masks to help bolster Haikou’s defense against COVID-19. Chon also recruited volunteers to advocate the proper use of masks. For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2020/01/27/032264385.shtml

Dennis Nikolaev is living his Hainan dream—one design at a time. Nikolaev is the founder of Dennis Design at the Hainan Unican Science and Technology Innovation Institute. His team focuses on aesthetics that are innovative and eco-friendly. Nikolaev is excited about Hainan's development as a global Free Trade Port. For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2020/03/04/032292838.shtml

Building a healthy Haikou is a priority for Dr. Tim Stephens, the director of International Primary Care at Haikou People’s Hospital. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 early this year, the American physician has held lectures and consultations on the novel coronavirus to better serve the local community. Dr. Stephens believes Hainan is a haven for those seeking work-life balance. For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2020/05/03/032339810.shtml

For Eddie Mills, his “sweet home” is no longer Alabama. It’s Hainan. After moving to Wenchang to teach English in 1993, Mills founded the International Education Exchange Association (IEEA) to promote Sino-US cultural exchanges. In 2004, the American educator became the first foreign expert to receive the National Friendship Award. Plus, Mills is the first ever to be tapped as HIMC overseas communication officer! For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2019/10/26/032202471.shtml

Anna Orlova is a Russian jazz singer who starred in “The Voice of Russia,” a reality singing competition television show. As the founder of Hainan’s first and only jazz club called “Jazz Space,” Orlova wants to promote the music genre in the province. Members of the club come from the world over, such as Russia, South Africa, Congo, Britain and Ukraine. Orlova hopes Hainan will become a music hub that will attract more international talents. For details, click: http://www.hicn.cn/system/2020/01/26/032263633.shtml

(Poster Designer: Fu Aihua)



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